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Default Sailing back-to-front

Yo fellow sailors, having nothing better to do on a cold non-sailing day...

... here is a kind of sailing which is great fun, and me reckon everyone should master :


Hey, nobody ever said that a board was meant to be ridden only the old facing-the-sail way.

This is not a freestyle article. Sailing back-to-front - or facing the wind if you will - is not even freestyle to me. It's basic sailing, that I find useful to have a different view (no kidding), or just rest the arms.

Can be done in strong winds, on short boards as well as any Konas or Starboards. Even an old, and rather difficult, Windsurfer. My smallest ever was an 80 litres, but the clip is obviously an old gear. I have even tried to jump waves this way in my days. To no avail, but was fun and dangerous to try - just think of the footstrap arrangement for that form of sailing...

Anyways, try it. At first, in lower wind, ie. 7 knots. It takes about one year to master - took me two as I am an old slow poke. Once you get it, it's second nature. You can then sail it in fairly strong winds, just like normal sailing. The clip was taken at 11-12 knots.

Can be sailed equally on a beam or close reach. The latter is safer in strong winds, as you obviously when stuck inside the boom, one cannot lean out to compensate for gusts. Gybing and tacking are easy from that position too.

Good for resting the biceps, as this works the triceps only.

Anyhow, go out, try stuff, have fun!

(That was me waiting for warmth and wind...)
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