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Default looking for mast alternatives to NP X9 530


I have been following your latest topics regarding different mast manufacturers and different mast brands seen on the market. Since I can not afford high price for brand new NP X9 530, I started to look for alternative masts available that can work well with my NP RS 10.7 / 9.8..

What I founded is maverix coming from reglass http://www.maverx.it/intro.html
And infinity http://www.infinity-wt.com/index.swf (don't know where these masts are coming from, made in Italy for sure). All these masts have a similar IMCS, length and carbon content. I have already rigged my RS 10.7 on infinity and it looks nice. Unfortunately wall thickness is slightly thinner that might result in a overall mast durability, I believe. What is more, Infinity mast is wider a little so cam rotation could be less efficient. I did not use the sail on the water yet since is almost below 0 over here in Poland so I would be glad if anyone can share here his comments.

Are there other options to get a more price reasonable mast for my rs racing sails?
I look forward to your quick response.

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Jesper Orth
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Hi Tomi

We can recommend the Severne Sails Red Line mast 550 for your 10.7 and 530 for your 9.8. We have very positive feedback that our masts are working in those sails and deliver the performance, but also most important is very reliable.

We would always recommend to use the mast that the sails is designed around and I'm sure other companies would do the same, but in this situation we actually have positive feedback from more than a few sailors using our mast, that it works for the exact sails and sizes you have.

Many masts have the same IMCS and length etc, but can be very different in bend curve, so look out.

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