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Default More Website Problems

I have been reviewing your archives looking for previous information on board test results. There are a number of broken links such as:

On this page: http://2003.star-board.com/mn_test.asp
This link: http://2003.star-board.com/testresults/test23.asp

On this page: http://2003.star-board.com/mn_test.asp
This link: http://2003.star-board.com/testresults/test20.asp

On this page: http://2003.star-board.com/mn_test.asp
This link: http://2003.star-board.com/view_test.asp?Number=12

I never experienced a website with so many continual website problems and forum complaints about your website. I really think it is time to sack your IT Web Guy(s). Or at least give your customers a decent explanation! I am sure SB are not deliberately causing this ongoing frustration. If SB are giving some young guy some web development experience then that is fine but just us know and be honest.

I haven't seen any genuine response from SB on explanations for your website problems - such as crappy testing of your fancy menus on multiple browsers and operating systems (Not everyone is wealthy enough to buy a new PC for $500 then splash out another $500 for crappy Microsoft software so some people use Linux etc), broken links etc.
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