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Default Kombat89 test

Hi there

There is a new Kombat test on the *board homepage. From the graphs it seems that it lost a bit of wave performance (compared to 2006/07 models), in favor of freestyle abilities. Earlier Kombats were praised as "wavier" of the FSWs on the market. I don't ride waves but like its control in lumpy water and it doesn't get too chaotic when things get ugly (I use a K86).
Has anybody compared new K with earlier ones side by side? Ola?

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Sorry, I used the K87 2007 and now have a k79 2008. Both are VERY good on a wave, especialy of you keep some speed throught the turns. Kombats actually never got to honors for their wave performance in tests. I think bacause what is tested when it comes to waves with these types of boards is kind of slow back foot riding. The Kombats, with their Acid rockers and bottoms, are more high performance wave riding style, and thrive when you really push them. Then they lock into a turn in a fantastic way.

As for control in chop, I tought my K87 was excellent at it and the K79 is even better. The K79 is a very, very fun ride in powered up 4.0 choppy lake sailing.
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Is this the same board tested by Boards Mag that had an average review and led to Starboard withdrawing ads from Boards Mag? Just highlights to me that the tests are a guide at best, I bought a Fanatic Freewave 78 a few years ago after rave reviews, hated the harsh ride and stiffness in waves and changed to a PA74 which I love. You have to try them.
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