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Default coder red 3 vs rs racing neilpryde

dear friends,

any experience,suggestions,tips about this 2 sails???

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Have some experience with RS Racing in slalom sizing. My prior experience is with free race sails and I have not tried the Code Red. RS Racing for me has been a real eye opener.

Gets up and goes. Stable as. Wind range great. With a couple of these you could probably widen the sizing gap quite a lot if recreation sailing. Carries static weight compared with lesser sails yet on the water is well balanced which also helps with the gybing with its predictable power on-off-on. Rigging and tuning is surprisingly straight forward. Expensive but delivers.
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Everyone will be laughing at you when you turn up at the beach with a Code Red sail covered in crappy paint.
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According to a lot of testors, Severne makes very nice sails for Freerace, but not yet in the happy few for racing.
If you are a recréational sailor, go for Code Red, easy and good performances.
If you are a racer, RSR, Warp, Vapor or TR4
A really good compromise, Loft Blade. And the best is the Price

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Old 18th March 2008, 06:51 AM   #5
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One good thing about the new code red, is that you wont die trying to carry it to the water like some of the other sails mentioned.
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Hi bubi,

I received my new code red slalom set just one month ago (6.7, 7.7 and 9.0) an I can honestly say that the new sails are excellent racing tools.
Last I was powered with 6.7 and 7.7 code reds (2006 model) and 5.4 and 8.4 NP RS6 sails (very similar to NP RSR ).
Altought NP racing sails are quite powerful they feel hard and heavy on my hands (just like the North racing sails), on the other side the code red sails have a lighter and softer feeling (like the Vapors) and to my surprise are extremely fast sails.
I have the fortune of sharig many training sessions with PWA top racer and NP pro team member Gonzalo Costa Hoevel, and I can say that despite I´m an "old man" and by far less skilled than Gonzo my speed is really very competititive when powered with my Code Reds.
Talking about the new "R3" Code Reds they need longer booms and have deeper profiles than previous models and seems to have more power in the low end and the same exhilarating top speed. They are harder to tune (cams´ sistem is different) than my old CR and need more luff tension but whit the correct settings they delivers serious power with minimal effort (a dream for any racer).
As you can see I love my CRs (as I love my Isonics) despite the starboard marketing people didn´t helped me in order to have a complete set of sails for racing
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Hi bubi!
what sizes to compare are in your mind?
Now I tuned my CR3 in 11,7 and I love it! Much more bottom end power than last year model.
And dont forget, Severne RL100% masts are usually not breaking!!!!
If you are in the heavy boys range you will have fun with broken NP masts, be sure.
BR peter
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hallo pfaffi,
put in more info about your 11,7.
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2007 Formula Windsurfing World Championships Fortaleza, Brasil.
Final results
Division: MEN
Place Competitor Sail No Sponsors
1 Antoine Albeau FRA-192 Starboard, Neilpryde
2 Steve Allen AUS-0 Gaastra, Tabou
3 Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG-3 Neilpryde, F2
4 Arnon Dagan ISR-1 Fanatic, Neil Pryde
5 Paulo Dos Reis BRA-3333 Starboard, Severne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dont buy these crappy, shitty, slow, heavy and boring sails from North, Maui Sails and likes, if you want to be on top of the world.

Take a Severne Code Red and it takes you in the top 5 of The Worlds !

And I am happy to se Paolo on the Dream Team too :-)
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Old 19th March 2008, 05:53 AM   #10
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Paulo dos Reis (BR3333) secures an unexpected 5th place in Brazil’s FW. Congratulations Paulo!

With his 5th place in the Formula World Championships which have just ended last weekend in Brazil, team rider Paulo dos Reis has joined the elite in formula racing. His performance was somewhat unexpected yet consistent, and even better results can be expected as he is known to perform best in strong winds. Medium and lighter winds during the event however were enough to make him advance past some of the big names in formula racing. An interview with the new star in formula racing will be online shortly.

Brian Rogild (DEN 173) took a solid 3rd place in the Masters class. To test the all around ability of the fleet, five different courses were set every day. The average length of races for the winner was 15 minutes. There is talk about a future Grand Prix tour in the near future. With strong fleets in many South American countries supporting formula racing it.
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