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Gotta agree HS jibes better with smaller fins, but, providing you have enough speed and power in the sail to keep momentum while exiting the jibe full speed. When underpowered, it's best to have a larger fin, not only to start planing early but to keep speed and power during the complete jibe turn as well : too small a fin at low speed makes the board spin out during the jibe.
The tricky part is to select the correct fin size for your sail according to your weight and wind range. Smaller than usual fins with big sails can work great with 65-70 kg light weight riders, but with 100 kg rider, I guess larger fins are required. Two examples below:

i) I'm (65 kg) using on HS105 either a 32 cm fin under- to well-powered or a 26 cm fin overpowered with a NP 6.6 racing sail in the 15-20 knots wind range.
ii) Roger van Thongeren (100 kg) was also using a 26 cm fin as well on HS111 with a NP 6.7 racing sail, but only for speed sailing on flat water at 40 knots Vmax in 30-35 knots wind range. For general use, he was using a much larger fin.

As for lighter wind range with multi-cambered racing sails, again, tuning is key : a bit more deep draft while easing on the downhaul and outhaul helps a lot to get more grunt and power in the low wind range. Try experimenting triming your racing sails with slight variation value, each one at a time, you'll be surprised.

Cheers !

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Good tips! Plenty for the HS pilot to work on. For straight line speed the smaller fin sizes certainly deliver a smooth fast ride. However, refecting on yesterday's sailing in conditions gusting to 18kts the tendency was to wash-out the gybes. So I am going play around with larger fin sizes and the set of the sail to keep things powering along.
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