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Default Which board would be best?

I have 15+ years windsurfing and I come from living in the Gorge in the summers and racing locally and nationally in the Formula class. In the last two years my passion for windsurfing has died off some because I am burned out with racing and I don't get to spend the summers in the Gorge any more. Now I travel one or two times a year to Maui, DR or other destinations and I just rent gear there instead of traveling with a board. I still have my Gorge gear and all my racing gear, but I now live in Colorado and there is no chance that I will be using my Gorge gear and I am to the point were if it is not windy enough to plane on a 8.5m or smaller I would rather do something else (or I would rather kite). Last year I purchased a Starboard 122 iSonic board which is 122lt, 232cm long, and 75cm wide. I like the speed of this board but its a lot of work to get going. The main reason I don't like this board is because it jumped really poorly. I know that you are not suppost to jump this board but now that is what I want from a board. I am looking for a board that can handle up to a 8.0 or 8.5 and down to 6.0 or below. The main sail that I would use with this board would be a 7.2 or 7.5. It needs to be able to float my 185lbs because the wind we get dies off quickly and there are a lot of times that I only get to ride the gusts from a thunder storm so I end up slogging a lot waiting for the next gust. It felt like the iSonic was too wide to do chop hops on, however I have jumped wider boards with better results (sometimes I would even send my Formula board into the air although with the 70cm fin it sucked too). The board that most resembles what I am looking for was my old AHD 64 Max Ride (I think that was what it was called - it was blue). It was around 110lts and 64 cm wide. Its good points were it planed quickly, had low swing weight and jump really well with a 7.2m and some chop. The downside to this board is the 7.2 was the biggest it would hold and when the wind died at 110lts in fresh water it was not quite floaty enough. It was also too slow. I also tried a Cryfly board 2 years ago that supported up to a 9.0m - I used a 9.5 and I was still able to get some air off of the chop. Of course this kind of "air" is nothing like you get in the Gorge or Maui off a wave, but it is still a whole lot more fun to jump 4 or 5 feet high off small chop than it is to just go back and forth.
What board/size would best fit what I am looking for?
Thanks for your help.
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