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Default Caesar (freestyle magician) clinic in Bonaire?

I've had a few videos of Caesar (the lightwind freestyle genius) on my website for some time. Caesar recently commented and asked about the interest in his teaching a clinic for the same in Bonaire.



(there's a video there too.)

Some of it looks achievable by mortals...when I watch Kiri and the brothers Frans do their thing I'm just dumbstruck!
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Hey, I strongly reccomend you to go to a clinic with CAESAR.

He came to Peru a few months ago to give us a freestyle clinic and we really learned a lot of him. He is not only a great person, is a great instructor and also a great freestyler and innovator.
Also...he left us a lot of motivation for freestyling.

Before he came I was complicated finishing my vulcans, and trying some spocks and grubbies. Today I can finish them and also like a lot light wind freestyle because let me learn freestyling and use of the sail when there is no wind.

I Hope he comes back this year later for a second clinic.

Best regards,

Ricardo (From PERU)
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