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Default Overdrive 11 for Remi

How do you think the Overdrive 11 will work in 1-12k for a long race board. With reduced downhaul does it have enough shape to provide the right drive?

I can use a 520 mast or 490 + extender to soften it up if necessary

Currently use a V8 10.6 underdownhauled to maximise low end power. The boom spec seems about the same and i guess its no heavier.
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Yes ... the colours are funny on those crappy Severne sails.

Oh sorry. Lost my concentration with your joke.

What was your question again?
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Just to have fun, the Overdrive 11mē work great on the Phantom Race, I don't know for the other. But yes to make it softer you can use the 520 Blue Line or the 530 Red Line with tip extension.

For the other unknow for information :

Planche Mag ( March-April 2008)
OverDrive, 7.5

Constant power
Tester's opinion: Arnaud 1,80/97kg
The OverDrive does not belong to the group of nervous but powerful sails. It is soft and thus the most user friendly sail within its group. It shows a good combination of user friendliness and performance. It is the perfect freerace/slalom sail.
+ Light, soft, comfortable. A good compromise between easy handling and performance in a wide wind range.
- Nothing

All the best
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