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Can't comment about 2008 Code Red or Overdrive (not tested yet). However, just to give you an idea of what to expect, the planing wind range of Code Red R2 11.0 with its 530 cm mast + mast tip extension is 7-12/13 knots for my 183 cm x 65 kg. Above than that, the sail is becoming way too large and I'm downsizing to a NP RS2 8.2 (wind range 10-15 knots).

What board to you want to pair with your sail : Formula or large iSonic ? Racing or not ?

Cheers !

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Originally Posted by LK View Post
Sorry to ask more. Whats your quiver now ?
What board do you want to use the CR/OD on and next sizes/sail type or board down, do you have or want to have. Do you want to race or freeride ?


thanks LK,

I plan to use it on a formula (which I own) or iSonic 133(which i may buy to replace the formula). No racing, just want to have fun blasting around!

Its probably going to be part of a 2 sail quiver; Maybe a 10m and a 8.5m if i decide to purchase an iSonic 133 or just the 10m on a formula if i decide to stick with formula.

I guess what i need to know is how much more early planning (relative) a 10m OD will give me over a 10m CR. And lets say a the wind picks up to 13knots and above, would a 10m CR be alot easier to handle compared to a 10m OD?

early planning at lower wind speeds vs handling when it picks up to the mid teens!
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If sailing mostly in 8-10 knots, I think you should keep the formula board. ( but OK I weight 95 kg, so the lightweights’ know better )
Regarding CR vs. OD it’s hard to say, it depends on pumping technique and wind quality.
A guess, min. 1 knot (2 knots when passive rider) earlier planning for OD and the same in favour for CR in high wind.
Experience from a pro rider is, OD 10,0 planes as early as 11,0 CR.
OD has easier handling on the water and a bit softer. This is in favour for a lightweight rider.
The CR excels when going super fast and maxed out through chop.
On flat water or more regular wavy conditions I don’t think you can feel any differences.
You would have changed a size down long before. So in 13 knots you won’t feel a diff., in 16 to 20 knots yes.

10,0 and 8,5 is perfect quiver for lightweight on Formula, but on IS133 or maybe Futura 144  too.
If you choose CR, go for 2008. Take the Redline Mast (100% carbon) no matter if OD or CR.

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my trainer have a 10 overdrive and he says the 10 overdrive are like a code-red 11

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Is there a windrange chart for the code red? I found the one for the overdrive but not for the code red?
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Windrange CR10, 92kg/184cm, favorite range: 19-29kn for racing up/downwind
br peter
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