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I suppose it's this model:
It's quoted up to 10.5. I don't know, haven't tried it, you said you don't have experience with such big rigs. Many sailors don't like them, and with 60% mast and alu boom it's going to be even harder to handle. Maybe you should go with 9.8 if it's available, even 8.8 is a good jump from 7.0.
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yes, it's that model in the link. It came with the 60cm fin. Is it too small for a 10.8 sail ?

The deal is only for the 2006 10.8 model. The 9.8 2008 it about 1000euro and comes also with 540 C60 mast.

I don't know either if the 10.8 it's going to do the trick, on the other hand the wind here is generally light to very light (for windsurfing), I was thinking to buy the rig and later to add to the gear a 9m^2 sail, but it has to be taller than 5.40m since the 10.8 sail comes with the unusual 5.40 mast, the 5.20 would have covered more usual sail range.

I'll see tomorrow...
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Old 21st July 2008, 06:59 PM   #13
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I think I should reopen this thread and ask for your advice further,

I have managed to buy recently a (very) used 9.8 sail, a 100% 5.2m mast and a 100% 2.5-3m boom, I even planned a little with this rig but yesterday I got out in overpowered conditions, got catapulted and went through the sail ripping it.

I think I'll buy a new sail but want your advice first.

First ..... I had real problems uphauling the 9.8 sail in big wind (about 15kts). Could not waterstart either as I had no survival vest and as the board is very short could not place the boom on the tail, no matter how I put the sail and/or pushed from below I could not make it catch the wind from below, lift it's tip etc... I have no problem lifting a 7m sail but couldn't do anything with the 9.8 and I had to swim back to shore. On the other hand the wind was just perfect or just a little strong to ride that sail.

So, first I would like to ask, how can one lift such a big sail in big wind on a formula board ? Are there any tricks or you just have to be a total bull to just pull it.

I am considering to buy a gaastra swift 9.0 sail for the 5.20mast and 2.5-3m boom. The mast is a fiberspar old mast 100% carbon. If someone can suggest a better matched sail I would be grateful.

And finally, about the GO 180. I have problems to put my back foot in the footstrap. I get planning with no feet in footstraps, or with the front foot. If I try to take my back foot of the board I get catapulted, If I weaken the power in sail, the board stops planning. Somebody told me I have to stay lower on my back but I was already hitting the waves. I can easily put my rear foot in the oposite rear footstrap and planning confortably but not upwind, I barely can hold the perpendicular direction. The conditions were ~20knots, 5.7m sail, on lake, gusty wind and dense waves of about 0.8-1m height (and the 60cm stock fin, thats it, the only one I have). I only managed to put both my feet and safely mantain planning and then it was great.

Please tell me if there is a trick here setting the back foot in the lateral strap (I can do it in central strap on smaler boards).
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Old 21st July 2008, 08:42 PM   #14
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Hi Tzur,
Check out the Windsurfing School forum.
Do a search on "back footstrap" and I think you will find a
wealth of information on ways to get into the rear footstrap.
My guess would be that you are getting in too much of a hurry
due to your fear of getting catapaulted.
Getting a board to plane and getting hooked in and into both
footstraps is a progression, and you cannot "rush it".
The board needs to accelerate and you need to move back at
a rate that keeps the board accelerating, and keeps you moving back
in a balanced manner.
The board will only accelerate so quickly. You need to find out how fast this is and move back at a rate that keeps the board accellerating.
I cannot get to the 2004 archives at the moment to see what the 2004
GO rear footstrap configuration is exactly so I cannot suggest using a
more inboard rear footstrap position (I don't believe there is one if my memory
You need to spend more time in powered up conditions to get more comfortable
in the front footstrap with your rear foot on the board's fore and aft centerline (without getting catapaulted).
Then you will develop the skills it takes to be planing fast in this configuration, then you can work on getting into the rear footstrap.
I think it's a comfort level issue here. You feel that until you get your rear foot in that strap you are open to being catapaulted.
This is not necessarily true.
I agree that you can not "sheet out" to keep the load on the rig at a level you can handle, but you can "ease off", or better still, don't sheet in so early or so much so you bring the power up in a way that does not pitch you forward or over the lee side.
Hope this helps,

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Old 22nd July 2008, 05:20 AM   #15
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Yes, I was in a hurry to get in the straps, when the board was geting lots of speed it was very hard to ride otherwise, very jumpy. On flat water it's easier but that was not the case. Anyway, I guess that with lots of experience you can ride the GO 180 on sea and lake in big winds but much more difficult than a pure freeride/slalom board.

I think I'll keep it until I master it and also buy a freeride for chop conditions.

As for the big sail, I'll go for the swift 9.0.
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Old 22nd July 2008, 10:43 PM   #16
sergio k
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on uphauling large sail out of the water, use easy-up-haul set up, or
just buy a bungee cord, loop it few times and tie it on the middle of uphauling rope,
and use your harness and you weight to lift sail out of the water

On getting back foot in in high winds/chop,crazy overpowered cond. - put your back foot in foot strap before getting into harness but keep most of your weight on front foot,
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Old 1st August 2008, 12:17 AM   #17
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Very usefull advices, it really works, both the bungee uphaul and putting weight on front foot, however I found that it's better to put all the lateral force in the front footstrap but not the downward force that should be discharged through the mast, if you put force downward you'll rail the board and don't plan anymore, pretty tricky, I have to practice more.

Thanks alot.
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