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Mmmmh, I think I should give those longboards a go.. maybe I will find a Serenity for a test ride.
It seems that my backyard rack will soon become very crowded! ;-)
Thank you guys for all your inputs.
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Light wind sailing in Force 1-Force 3 Bft can be pretty fun and rewarding provided you've got the right gear. Last summer was particularly hard-hit by very light wind on our lake: we got blessed with winds more than 12 knots for only 9 days from May to August. When I added a 10.6/11.0 sail in my quiver, TOW just doubled in the 7-12 knots wind range. When I added a Serenity, TOW increased 4 times in the 1-12 knots wind range. Serenity was a pure joy during those 4 insane months : kept both body and soul healthy.

Cheers !

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