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I think the Euros have got the playing field here. I went to Tarifa last year and was seeing things I've never seen back home. Ever. And the people doing these crazy moves didn't have any sponsor stickers on they're sails either. I saw my first guscrew there! People trying vulcans left and right. Then Gollito showed up a couple of days later and I really got a taste of modern day freestyle at its finest. He popped a double flaka Right next to my head while was struggling to waterstart. Crazy stuff that guy does. And the Euros also have the Freestyle tour over there thats built many vary very good freestylers as a result of it. When you see other guys on the water doing loco things, it makes you want to get loco to I thinks thats the best thing we can do to get people to go for it, go for it ourselves and look like we're having the time of our live doing it! I didn't land a single vulcan today, must have tried at least 20 times too, but everybody on the beach wanted to do it. And one guy actually started trying them
~~~_)~~~_)~~~i'm goin sailin, like, right after this
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I can focus the problem very easy...

in the US there IS people that want to learn freestyle or wavesailing....but in freestyle or advanced wavesailing...some instruction is very helpfull. I tried a Spock for 1 year with no success. Then came Caesar Finies to Peru, a freestyle instructor, and organized a camp...after that, i can land many spocks. The difference...the pro advice.

Before asking him to come, I checked for Freestyle camps in USA and cant find too much. Just Andy Brandt and ABK camps with some there, but most with no space as they have all full reservations.

Why the companies in US dont have a sponsor to team riders to work in promote the sport, organize camps, and all that?
I understand that sponsoring a person that competes is ok, but i think marketing budget cant be only for supporting competition, but also to support development of the sport.

Racing have some budget on this. I see North for example investing some money to promote racing in Florida, at least, its seems like. But there are other divisions in Windsurfing as freestyle that make the SHOW that appeal someone to start windsurfing. I think this is something we need to have in mind. And Freestyle now is not only hi wind. Caesar Finies is an example of light wind freestyle fun camps.

For the wavesailing...I entered US windsurfing and no wavesailing event in the calendar. I wanted to go to someone. Some people think that if you dont live in Hawaii you dont have to organized Wavesailing events. I think we have too. Because is a nice and appealing part of the sport too. IN TV, Freestyle and wave sells a lot.

Finally, I cant find same in South America any international event on this except of a pending to be confirmed PWA event in Brazil of Wavesailing.
We are making and effort to organize in July a big wavesailing event for all south americans (and other continental sailors) that want to compete. Hope this is the start of more events.
But we, as a small country called Peru are organizing a South American Wavesailing event in July and a Worlds Championship FE and FW event in December. My question is simple...why other countries, and distributors dont start making a plan to develop windsurfing in their country and outside.
The answer for me is simple. When I organize an international event...specially a continental or worlds, I place all media attention in my sport, and also, budgets come to me, in the beggining some money, with some experience more money and that makes a sport grow.

Thanks that Windsurfing is an ISAF class and OLYMPIC sport. This helps a lot to sell the sport in all: Race, Freestyle, Wave, slalom...we just need to use the tools we have to market our sport and start again the events that make sport grow in our continent.

Best regards,
Ricardo Guglielmino
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Hi Ricardo,
maybe not 100% aligned to the topic, but besides the PWA event in Ibiraquera/Brazil (that still is to be confirmed) there are some other national/local events in Brazil with rather good sailors. The full list of events you can find in following website:
http://www.abws.com.br/novo/ (search under "Calendário")

The website is in portuguese, but I'm sure you will manage it by knowing Spanish. Usually Kauli, Konan Lang, Brawzinho and Ricardo try to participate in the wave events in Rio de Janeiro and Ibiraquera so it is quite good level.

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In Canada we have a few events, on the west coast and around the great lakes. Illes de Madeline hosts a major PKRA event. There was a Kingston Freestyle Jam in October. Luckily the event got 15 knots for 4 hours so some aerials could be done. It was a really poor week for wind. This is the problem in non tradewind areas, most people grapple with getting big enough fins and sails and wide boards just to plane when the water is warm. Fall brings powerful wind but shorter session time. Last time i checked flatwater freestyle with a 7.0 wasn't very impressive. Once you've got 15 knots though, a freestyle board might plane better and with a smaller fin than the b&j or waveboards that many people use around here, mostly antique. The Flare 99 is a superlative light wind planer.

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The probelm with no cohesive wave, freestyle for that matter course or slalom pro events are two fold as I see them.

1. there is not a pipeline of kids coming up that have the means and opportunity to train and compete on a variety of levels. Most pros are young, and energetic. I would say enjoy giving back to the those coming up.

2. On the bright point there is starting to be grass roots wave events in Cape Hatteras, FL and CA. Now if we can put youth in those events with the oppurtunity to train with some of the experienced wave sailors in those areas, Voila.

I know that course racing types are starting to get their act together and provide the ladder to take someone who never-ever windsurfed to learning to windsurf, improving, learning to race, practicing, to going to races, practicing more, then starting to come in the lead.
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No PWA stuff here, but as some others have said, there are grass-roots events with varying levels of organization in New England, Cape Hatteras, Florida, Texas, San Francisco, and The Gorge.

The highest level of freestyle and wave sailing is in San Francisco (where they have the "King of the Bay" freestyle contest and a fair sized formula / slalom fleet), and in the Gorge (where they have the "Gorge Games" and "Gorge Freestyle Frenzy".) They may also have some wavesailing contests in Pistol River, Oregon, where a lot of the Gorge sailors go to wavesail.

The best place to find out about what's going on in American windsurfing would probably be the forums at www.iwindsurf.com or the windsurfing magazine website www.windsurfingmag.com.

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This may not be what you are looking for but the best Did and do complete he
Hood River,


good winds
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