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Default S-Type 104 (2007) sail fin size


I have an S-type 104 (2007). I have a couple of questions.
- I'm still trying to find the right fin sizes to use. Last sunday I used a NP V8 6.0 with the standard 36 cm fin. The water was very flat and this time it worked OK. However, when the water gets choppy, the board gets hard to handle. I have tried a 31 cm race fin. But with this fin I had a lot of spin outs. What would be the best fin to use with this sail?
- My biggest sail is a 7.2 NP Saber. This works fine with the standard fin, however I think it would be even better if I used a bigger fin. What fin size would you recommend? I'm actually thinking about buying a 7.5 or 7.8 sqm sail (probably V8 or Ram F8). My question, will this combination work since the sail range for this board is recommended to max. 6.5 sqm? I'm a light weight, 67 kg.

Hope you can answer my questions.

Kind regards,

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Hi Paul, I've searched around myself and my settings (for about 85-90 kgs) are as follows:
I use the s-type 104 2007 wood with a Techtonics FalconF1 36 fin with RS4 7.2. Love this combination, it's very fast! For earlier planing I can use a Drake slalom pro 36 cm. But this combination gives me less speed than the Falcon does. I've been told on this forum - by a SB crew member- that a 38 cm should also work.

Do use the RS4 6.2 with Drake slalompro 32: great too. For RS4 5.4 I stick to an 28cm but not very happy with this combo, the 28 seems to small. Trying to find me a nice 30 cm for the RS4 5.4.

About the recommended max sail size, SB's wonders me too. My suggestion is that the s-type, as set in the market as a crossoverboard, will for most users be combined with a powerful freeride/ superx sail. In that case 6.5 is a lot of sail. But for more raceoriented sails, a bigger size works well.
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Hi kvda,

Thanks for the info. This is very useful. If 32 works for your 6.2, my 31 fin should be OK for 6.0. I will do some testing to see if I can get it working, otherwise I'll try another brand. Also good to know that 38 is also working for the s-type 104. I've heard today in the shop that this should be big enough to handle a 7,5 (rule of thumb is multiplying the sail size by five, so 7,5 x 5 = 37,5 cm.


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