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Fernando Luz
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Default Fins for FU111

I was reading last threads, about this issue, and I am still confused about this fin subject!!!
I have the new Futura 111 (have 65 Kgs), wich came with the 38 cms fin has you know, my questions are:

This size of fin (38) is for around 7.0 mts. sails ? What is the range recommended to use with the 38 ?

For a second fin, to sail with 5.7 and 6.4, what kind of fin (SIZE/ TYPE / BRAND),do you recommend ?

Many thanks,
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Hi Fernando,
You can extend the range of you sail by tuning it and adjusting fin size. 38 cm will do fine for an unpowered 7,0 sail or a well povered 7,8. For your 5,7 and 6,4 I would recommend a 32~33 cm fin. It will do fine for the 6,4 when well powered and you can use the 38 in unpovered conditions. I would not go below 32 cm with the 5,7 because the FU has quite a wide tail. Type of fin depends on you practice: slalom, freeride, long distance, B&J...
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