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Default IS50 - Questions for Ian Fox/Andrew Daff

Hi Guys,
I might be able to get hold of an IS50 to replace my Thommen SR50.
I like the SR50, and it has given me good peak speeds of over 44 knots this year but the ride seems not to be that consistent and my averages are genreally much lower than my peaks (relative to what i'd expect them to be). The SR50 accelerates well but does not go through the rough stuff well at the end of speed runs, I can drive it through decent size chop but stopping the bloody thing is difficult. (I tend to also get my best speeds riding really really really broad unlike some other riders who do a bit better on a slightly tighter course)
Can you give me some feedback of the ride quality of the IS50 in the rough stuff. Ian what is your best average on the board? (My best average is 42.3 but I'm looking for 43/44 averages and peaks of over 45 in the next year or so)
I compard it side by side to an XS missile recently and the tail looks a lot thicker and more powerful(How might it compare top end to that)
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Ian Fox
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Hi Adam,

The iS50 is really at its best when taken super broad thru the rough. Technically it is a fast board but the emphasis is on "rideability" at the top end in real world speed (non canal) conditions, when rolling chop often create quite an element of uncertainty on the course once you are really broad and deep and well down into the fastest sector of a true speed run. (that's to say, the iS50 emphasises control + confidence to really push on and flog it insanely hard when the conditions are there).

Typically it's at its best with a well powered 5.0-5.5m, which puts it firmly into the 43/44average and 45+ peaks range on a good course with decent conditions. (last couple of years I've spent a lot of my top end sessions concentrating on protos, but mostly with similar characteristics- and similar results)

Developed around the (raked) C3-X2 fin concept, the iS50 can run the full range of specialist speed fins quite efectively, but for deep off wind speed and control something reasonably raked and moderately powerful is the best combo for most riders - and yes, it is possible to run the 50 "underfinned" and not quite get the same level of results as with slightly more. Likewise, if you have to run it "tight" a more upright fin may be more optimal.

The (moderately) thicker tail block allows a really good, powerful stance, while keeping a natural "dome" angle on the rear foot- and maintaining momentum and glide thru the "lulls" that are ineveitably out there on the run somewhere.

How practical the iS50 will be in "lighter" speed conditions depends a little upon rider weight/experience - as well as general course conditions - but it is not a difficult nor physically demanding board (for it's size and speed potential) to "circulate" efficently up/down the course, ensuring best possible opportunity to get the most from a session and be on the run when the wind kicks in that little bit extra.

Cheers ~ Ian
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