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Default Weight/volume

I am almost decided to buy a Rio, although I have been receiving some very good feed-back about RRD as well. The only thing I'd like to know is about the best volume , given my weight, my skills and my sailing preferences. Here is my information.

I weigh about 78 Kg ( 170 lbs) , I am almost a beginner, although I can stand on the board and do some light winds tacking and moving around. ( probably, I am at level 3 on 1-10 scale).

My idea of surfing is leisurely wandering around in light winds. Speed is not my primary target, but definitely I am looking forward to planing..

One of your dealers is offering me a good deal on a new 150 L Rio, which is one of last year's models. He says it is just perfect for me , but of course ,this is the only left-over and he wants to sell!

I am in doubt whether to go for for this or for a 175 L . For one thing, I like stability and I fear that a a 150 L would feel a bit too wabbly under my feet. If there isn't too much of an improvement in going down to a 150 L, I'd still stick with the 175 L, although the 150 would offer the advantage of a lower weight and shorter length, which would allow me to fiit it into the car!

Which one do you recommend, in terms of handling the board, given my weight, my level and my style of windsurfing ? Can I really go down to a 150 L without a noticeable difference in handling, as compared to the 175 ?

Thank you


Montreal, Canada
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Hi Franco,
The 2007 Rio is almost exactly like the 2007 Start.
Very wide, not very much subplaning performance.
The 2008 Rio, however is completely different.
Here's the specifications:
2007 Rio S 150 235 85.5 56.0 11.95 2.0-9.0 Shallow 410 FRN
+ Clipperbox Daggerboard XS 40-52 Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
2007 Rio M 205 258 90.0 62.0 13.9 2.0-9.5 Shallow 410 FRN
+ Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 40-58 Deep Tuttle + Clipperbox
Here's the linki:
The 2008 Rio is much different:
Here's the specifications:\
2008 Rio M 195 275 80.5 58.7 14.3 2.0-9.55 Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
2008 Rio S 175 269 76.0 56.2 14.1 2.0-9.50 Shallow 410 FRN +
Clipperbox Daggerboard 570 Deep Tuttle+Clipperbox
here's the link:
You can easily see the difference!
At your stated skill level and at your weight (78 Kg./172 lbs.) you would do nicely
on the 2008 Rio M.
I think for your stated purposes (since your skills are a bit better than entry level) that the 2008 Rio M is the right choice.
I have this board (I weight about 175 lbs) and I really like it.
In my opinion it's a major improvement over last years Start based Rio's and it's also one of the best combinations of sub planing glide and planing all out performance I ever sailed.
The new Rio will be a wonderful board for you to advance your skills on.
The 2008 Rio M will cost a bit more, but it has a much greater potential for you "down the road" as your skills develop.
Hope this helps,
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Default Rio M or Rio S for 78 Kg quasi- beginner ?

Thank you for your input, Roger !
I was not really thinking of going as high as a Rio M at 195 L ! My original dilemma was between the 2008 Rio S ( 175 L) and a last year's Small model of 150 L .

I think, on the basis of what you told me, that I can safely rule out the 2007 150 L, but wouldn't the 2008 SMALL at 175 L still be O.K. for me, even as a quasi beginner, at 78 Kg ( 172 lbs) ?
Would the 4 cm difference in width , as compared to the M , significantly change the handling, especially the stability, for the better or for the worse ?
Ideally, if there is not much of a difference, I'd prefer a S, because it would snugly fit into my car and cut down on the time required for loading and fastening it on the roof-top every time , as well avoid the risk of scratching the body of my brand new car in the process.
On the other hand, if there IS a substantial disadvantage for me in going down to a 175 L, I'd be ready to sacrifice the advantage of fitting the board inside the car.

What do you think ?

Thank you

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Dream Team - School Guru
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Hi Franco,
I have not sailed the 2008 Rio S (175 liters; 269cm length; 76.0 cm width; 56.2 cm OFO 14.1 Kg. weight) so I cannot tell you from direct experience what the differences to the
Rio M might be.
Yes, getting it into your car is a good thing (are you sure you'd rather have a wet board inside on your new interior than outside (where it will dry quickly) and since you mostly sail on fresh water the affect on your car's finish would be similar to rain).
Ok, now let's discuss the stability and volume issues.
The dealer may be correct, the wider 2007 Rio S is going to be more stable for sure
The 2007 Rio S (150 liters; 235cm length; 85.5 cm width; 56.0 cm OFO; 11.95 Kg.)
Is going to be more stable that either of the 2008 Rios because it's wider.
At your weight, you will have no issues with volume/float as long as you figure out where (fore and aft here) you need to stand to get your weight matched up with the point of max. bouyancy.
What boards have you been sailing on previously?
My suggestion to look at the Rio M was based on getting a board that fills your needs.
Stable, goes well in light winds, but with plenty of planing performance down the road.
For someone your size I still think the Rio M is the better choice because it's going to give you the easiest learning curve and the best light wind performance.
The Rio S might be just as good, or better, once your skills develop to the point that you no longer need much lateral stability, but in really light winds my guess would be you will give up some of the "glide" the Rio M would provide.
Hope this helps,
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