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How heavy are you? A 90+kg sailor might not like 7.2 on that board, but if you're light you can use it no problem. I'm not sure about fin size, try something around 32.
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Hi Timo and Screamer, thanks a lot for your answers (and sorry Jonster for jumping into your thread!)

Screamer, I weight 84 kilos and I'm mainly using this board for bump and jump in up to 25 knots. I'm looking for a light-wind sail and the bigger one I have is a North Duke 6.4 which I like.

I'm actually dropping the idea of buying a NP Hellcat, probably it's too stiff a sail, too race-oriented with locked-down feel and heavy given its 7.2 square meters. Thinking about NP Expression or NP Excess, both 6.9 square meters. Or, I could easily get a 6.9 Ezzy SE. buon vento!
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Dominic72, I am 81kg and use Superfreaks 6.3 and 5.5 with my K109/K97 boards. I find the SF a perfect match to a crossover board like the Kombats, very light at the beach and very soft (and silence) feel when sailing, handling is great too. Hot Sails has 6.7 and 7.0 Superfreaks that may be the ticket for you besides giving your life a new colorful meaning...
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