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Default Rake +10

Try you S-- and rake it to +10 and tell me how that works , DEN-111

Originally Posted by nunu View Post
hello Den.
thanks for your answers.
(sorry for my english i'am french)...

I have bought a F162 and have hard starting with it (i was on F2 FXIII 100 before)

After several sailing ,i start to have good feelings on it but, as i have written upper, i'am not sure that rake of my fins fits to the board. The board is very fin sensitive (i have try a R19S--Rake+6, Drake R19 Rake+8, R13M+ R+4, R13S R+6)

So i have troubles the lift the board.

First i use straps full on the rear, and the track back on recommended position (if i put it more on the back, the sailing position is not confortable, i sail with only RS6 12.5m˛ )

With a more powerfull sail (little downhaul), the lift is better but not as i wish.

So my idea was to increase de rake fo my R13S Fin of be "more on the fin", but i don't know if it will work.
Increasing the rake of a fin will artificialy put it more harder, so i will lose lift effect created by the rigidity of the fin ?!

anyway, I will retry to change the track back position and to see what appends.

I need more sailing again to be close to my good settings.

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thanks for you answer.

Another question, which is the most often rake used in FW ?
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Hi Jesper

I would just like to ask you which fin you use for low wind conditions. I like 162, I am fast but I have problem with up wind. Now I have Deboichet R13 m+ fin, but I think that is to hard. If you know, pleas tell me which model of Hurrican fins would be the best for low wind.


sašo SLO 79
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Hello , i am confused Hurricane say:
"theFRB5b seems to work with the 162, but there is also a 5b/1 with slightly
more area and more lift for the new wide boards.
There is also a new shape FRB6 that is closer to the Kashy`s and it works
also with the 162.
I can not say what would be the best for you, a fin is a very personal
thing ;-) "

I have the Deb R20 , amazing i downwind but very difficult in upwind.......

But wich is the besyt Hurricane fin for 162??

I am 1,08 m and 78 kg , my first sail is 11,8 NP Racing,

Please hel me
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