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Ian Fox
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Hi Screamer,

For the 122, yes throwing extra fin at it will help the ultimate early planing BUT at a fairly obvious expense of top end once you go much above 48-50cm. Generally what we found is that the improvement in early planing (by going above 48-50 with 122) is pretty marginal - and (maybe more significantly) generally negated even further (at these levels) by an aggressive early planing technique (you know the deal) - so the gain was there but marginal vs the top end loss/es (well, 48+cm conditions top end).

But my usual caveat : planing slow is always faster than not planing.

At the top end 122 (well powered in ugly chop) Yes, ultimately you can go for the "safety" of a smaller, more raked fin and lighter "load" on the 122, but a lot of times I found the pure open water competitiveness of the 122 comes from it's really strong ability to be sailed (for the conditions) overpowered and overfinned (think 40-42cm and 7.5m) - and really just load(commit) seriously to the fin/back of board and let it all take care of itself..(this sounds like a slightly ugly and rough approach - and it certainly is c/w say a nicely trimmed iS101/6.7/34-36cm in same conditions - but in open water has also proven to be pretty effective).

In general terms, the larger iSonics really benefit from a fairly strong fin lift for the best trim/tuning, and most often this is achieved from powerful tipped, more upright fins.
If you're going to the smaller sail sizes (122=6.0-6.5-6.7m) then think about the fin option dropping down to 38 or 36 if you have to..but by then we probably have really got well into iS101 terrtitory and so time for board change more than fin..
Next caveat though : Staying upright and alive (on a slightly "slower" trim with a raked fin) will also be faster and more fun than taking the major hit going down trying to hold onto some impossibly big upright race monster when it all gets REALLY ugly.
Probably more kudos points for the latter though....

Cheers ~ Ian
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Thanks Ian
I'll certainly try before I buy. Board change (iS101) is not an option since a have a minimum overlap to K86 (minimalist quiver)

PS I'm not paying attention to kudos points provocation
Yes I've taken iS122 beyond what I thought was possible, but sometimes sheer survival comes first
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How much slower are good freeride fins vs. dedicated slalom fins? I want to rip nice laydown jibes on my isonic. Would a freeride fin be more forgiving at an acceptable cost in speed. Is upwind speed more affected than pure reaching? What exactly does it mean that a freeride fin is more "forgiving?"
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I don't have exact gps data, but freeride fins ARE definitely slower than upright slalom fins. Forgiving means easier to gybe, more maneuverability, and less tendency to throw you out of balance when things start to get hairy. (off course, you'll lose in terms of early planing, upwind angle and pure speed)
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