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Default Formula Board for a Heavyweight?

6 years ago when I was returning to windsurfing at age 52 and 235 lbs, Roger Jackson advised that I purchase a 2002 Start board with a 70cm fin. I did this and have had fun planing more than I ever have. Recently I bought an 11.0 Sailworks Retro to add to an 8.0.

Although I don't get out on the water as much as I'd like, I want to spend more time sailing in the light air that is prevalent where I live. The Start is a bit heavy so I'm wondering if I would benefit from a formula board or if they don't have enough volume for my weight in light winds where uphauling is necessary. I'll look forward to your advice.
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Hi Bazza,
Glad to hear you have been enjoying your 2002 Start!
A formula 162, or an Apollo might plane a bit earlier for a fellow
your weight than the Start, and I do not think you would have
any issues with the volume.
It will float lower in the water than your Start, for sure, but should
still provide you with a stable platform to uphaul in winds < 15 knots.
If possible, check your local launch and see if you can borrow a formula
board for a coupe of runs, or maybe just climb on the board close to shore
to see how it floats.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks again Roger. I really appreciate your advice. I have fallen victim in the past to the advice of 150 lb retailers who are not able to appreciate the major difference that heavyweight sailors face on a board so give advice that won't work for us.
Your experience is valuable - thanks again.
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