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Default windsurf gear

Hi Roger an Ellen!
im kind of new in the sport, i live in Mexico city but i used to sail in spain while i was studing. Now that i m back i want to continue but i have some question i want to ask you about some gear i want to buy.
My regular spot here is a lake where in windy season has 5 to 15 knots sometimes it get very gusty like 20 knots.

I also will travel to Baja and veracruz to get more wind, like 15 to 30 knots.
I weight 164 lbs and my level i think is intermediate/beginner, i hook in, tak, do some planning and jibing (still having problems with this last one! )
My question is what kind of gear is best suited for these spots and for my level.

I was thinking in a formula board with an 8.5 sail, or a 133 futura for my regular spot and a 104 mistral Syncro for the other spots.

I ll apreciate your advice!


PS. Congratulations for the site, I think is the most complete windsurf site i ve seen so far!
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Hi Fabian,
Thanks for the compliment! We keep trying to keep these forums as the best!

In less than 10 knots, either you don't sail or you get the Formula board with a sail larger than 8.5 m2.
If you want to set your minimum at about 10 knots, at your weight, the Futura 133/8.5 m2 rig could be a good combo.
For your higher wind spots, the 104 ltr Synchro will be good to around 20 knots, but for much over 20 you'll need something a bit smaller (around 85-95 liters I'd suggest).
So, start out with a formula/Apollo/big Isonic for your home lake and then get something smaller and some smaller rigs for Baja etc.
Hope this helps,
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