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Scott, we're talking about something yoga girls can manage for long periods - it's not supposed to be an enormous effort. The power has to go from harness to board somehow and on the Pro secrets video Scott Sanchez (trainer to the pros) emphasizes that without core strength the ligaments take the strain - usally resulting in injury. Simon B in Boards also talks of the core, which is Pilates talk for the torso and locks. To a large degree I bet this is done unconsciously by most of us. The question is by being aware of what we do it may be possible we can do it a little better. And train a little better.

Perhaps we should jump across and ask the big man his opinion. Spent a fun week in Tarifa with him many moons ago.
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and for the more practically minded these are the muslces you're trying to use
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Its for surfers do. So you guys dont need to check the improve you paddle skill chapter. It keep you flexible before and after a session. So now you have to drag you yoga mat to the beach also, like you didn't had enough stuff.
Its a lot of vids on youtube on the subject just search for Yoga for surfers.

Introduction video:
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Default abdominals

Originally Posted by crazychemical View Post
i heard something simular but then with your abdominals. That i did try and it does work. If you tighten your muscles there you also lower your point of balance in a favorable position for high wind windsurfing. So if you're sailing bigger sails (oh dear, Floyd please don't shoot me ) tighter whaterver is under your harness and you get that effect. Though glutes and abdominal muscles are during a ride easier to contract than other muscles which in essense should be inhibited by your stance.
I also use big sails and I use to contract the abdominal muscles as a protection to my back. Even while trying to go upwind or maintaing speed on downwind Im also contracting the abdominals, and have never had any other back injuries. I use to have a lot of trouble with my back. Cheers
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