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Default Futura 133: dimensions?

I would like to replace my slalom board for the new Futura 133, but I have some questions related to the dimension of the board mentioned in the technical specs on this website.
According the specs the 133 is longer then the 144. (247,5 compared to 246,0)
Is this a writing mistake or has the 144 and 155 other shape concepts, perhaps for lighter wind condition?
What is the standard fin on the 133? Is it the SL480, which is the same as on the 144?
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Nobody to react or help me?

The basic of my question is to understand if there is a shape difference between the Futura 133 & 144. If not I would like to buy the 133 is yes I have to rethink.

The question related to the fins is to understand what the standard fin is, so I can order also the correct extra fins.
What kind and length of fin do you advice. I have the intention to sail this board with my slalom sail 8,4 and 6.2.
I'm 1,90m and weigh 95kg. I'm used to sail slalom boards and big sails >10mē

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Default length

Hi Filip,

I would say that the width specified on the webpage is correct. It is pretty usual that smaller volumes are usually narrower and longer, and the higher volumes are shorter and wider.

The exception would be the ET (which is pretty short). The same you can see in iSonics...bigger volume --> shorter board.

For the reason and shape difference you have to wait for the response of others. And with fin...I would definetely wait untill you try the boards for the first time...

PS: If you are riding slalom boards more often, you probably have a couple of different fins...first try and get the missing one.

Ciao Michal.
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Hi Michal,

Thanks for your advice.
You are right related to the fins. I best first try the board with the fins I have available today.

So I will go for the Futura 133 and hope I will enjoy surfing it.

Best regards,
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