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Nick F
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Originally Posted by mark h View Post
Hey Nick, you salvage your marriage and gain valuable brownie points at the same time by following screamers advice. 2nd hand F159/F160 (available from Boardwise for around 300), and keep either the K117 or C131, and grab a 100ish ltr board for stronger days, sorted. The main problem now is that you have four (possibly five soon) light wind boards. Three should pretty much cover you for most conditions. Dont worry about Formula being "highly technical". At world cup level and sailing in "all" conditions, yes, formula is V-technically and physically demanding, but for max light wind fun (when most waters are pretty flat), formula is easy and stacks of fun.
Hi Mark

I cant go anything less than my K117, not that good yet? But I find that when guys are out in their 80 ltr boards, my 117 is fine, maybe my weight (14st)
If guys are out on a 5m I will be on a 6.5, but I am no expert.

I see you have an Isonic, are they harder to go than the Formula Boards, even on a large volume isonic?
P.S. I was going to get one before I bought the Futura, but was told they are hard to ride, very technical.

I know is hard to say if its hard or not, it could be for me, but not for you.

Thanks Again
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You're not going to get the same bottom end (light wind performance) on a big iS, as you would on a Formula. Small gain compared to F144. If you want to significantly increase your light air planing time, go Formula.
Like Mark says, it's not impossibly hard for an everyday sailor to ride it well, but on the other side, it's not everybody's cup of tea (that goes for heavyweights too).

Wrt smaller boards (for you, that'll be around 95l), you'll change your mind once you progress and try one. Just wait and see ;-)
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mark h
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Hi Nick, I know where your comming from with the K117, its more than capable of working in stronger knarly conditions in freeride mode. My mate (115kg) uses a similar sized board down to 5.4m weather and works for him and he seems to have as much fun when when I'm on a 70 ltr board on the same day.

Every one says the iS's are "highly technical" to use. Yes they require "a bit" more imput/energy to get going and to ride flat out. But, out of all the slalom boards out there, the iS is defo the easiest to use. You can kinda "de-tune" the iS with the straps set forward and use a freerace no-cam sail, this will then ride like a freerace board.

Over the years, I'v had most of the SB formulas pre F160 and loved them all (F159/C3 still my favourit). I'm 105kg so always felt that it was essential to have a FW for sea breezers. Never really considered life without a FW board in my quiver but couldnt really justsify having an XL slalom and FW. I thought I'd see what this XL slalom was all about and have a break from FW for one season. Now I'm 100% converted to XL slalom for light winds and cant see myself going back to FW (slalom very addictive).

XL slalom boards are defo more exiting CW Formula (not knocking FW). Early planing is in favour of FW. But ultimatly you only loose about 3 or 4 knots in the wind minimum stakes. But 3 or 4 knots can be alot in summer thermals.

Even though I personally prefer XL slalom CW Fw, I'd still recommend that you go for a FW. Mainly because you have a F144 which is to close to a iS133/144, and as your looking for max early planning.

If you could get to a UKWA event, I'm sure some one will let you try an XL slalom and FW to see if you like them. Tushingham sails demo van isnormally at all the events and have a full range of SB demo kit with them. Let us know how you get on.
Cheers - Mark H

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Nick F
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Thanks guys for the advice.
I now have a local contact, where I think I can try the kit out and give it a go.
Will let use know how I got on and what I think of the Formula Kit.


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