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Default Not good result fixing footstrap strip

I have been unable to repair a stripped footstrap screw hole. I tried the recommended technique but found the epoxy came out when I unscrewed the screw. I would not trust it. Can I just get a longer wider screw? If so what size? I have a brand new Futura 151 from last year that has only been wet once, but has two stripped srew holes.
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Is the insert moving or is the screw spinning in its hole going nowhere ???

If insert is moving take board to a repair shop or back to shop it was bought from.

If screw is just spinning in hole there are two simple methods to repair without using repair pastes. (which I have found never to work very well)

First as you have mentioned is to use an oversize screw but make sure it doesn`t bottom out before tightening.(ie check depth of insert with a needle or something) Dont go too big.

If you cant get over sized screws get a plastic rawl plug.Cut it length wise to make thin strips.Put one of the strips in the hole so it just protrudes out and with just enough "hole" for old screws to start.(make sure strip is between screw and side of hole and not just under screw.;takes a bit of fiddling but its possible)(in emergencies on beach I`ve even used matchsticks;which worked fine(for a while)(one strip works fine)
Try and complete operation on first attempt. (ie with strap in place) Make sure depths are all ok. (If its a new footstrap fasten it down onto a piece of wood with self taping screws overnight (in supplied holes)(to compress webbing/neopreme where it touches board) This makes fixing loads easier.(Often not enough of screw is pretruding to make it start so screw just damages top of insert) OR sometimes screws are too long and bottom out and then strip thread when you tighten them.Its obviuos which one when you have them infront of you.
You can superglue srtip in place but its not the glue doing the repair.It just holds it inplace untill screw wedges it in.(just like a rawl plug!!)

The soap thing helps but doesnt prevent damage if there is a problem.

I`d forget repair pastes/fluids.Bonding to plastics is a nightmare.Best solution to a damaged insert is oversized screws.They must be stainless though (brass is ok) so take some finding.

Good luck. (PS not on team so feel free to ignore all this.)
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I believe it is this type of screw:

but I don't know the exact size. But you can find that out by measuring your screw and then see if there is an adjacent size in the table. My guess is that the K70 type 30mm would maybe work. Don't get a too long one.

With some luck, there is a supplier in you country. These screws are made by many brands, a google search on "pt screw" will show a few options.
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