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You say "his experience level". Have you bought 117aero with absolutely NO knowledge of using footstraps (and 80 kilos)?
If that's the case you are very talented/capable sailor.
Virtually all the people I know learned planing in footstraps on much bigger boards than 117 (semi wave board at that).

Nikolas, buy cheaply or rent, at least for a few more months.

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Thank you all very much for your input and advice, I will take everything into consideration, unfortunately it's quit.

There is one final thing that I would like to clarify with regard to board vol / max width.
The most decisive factor determining the ability to uphaul a board in swell is its volume or its width, ie is the futura 122 / 72cm easier to uphaul than a board that is 130lt / 70cm wide? Is this also a factor when trying to progress into the footstraps?

Many thanks once more for your input.
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Both volume and width play a role in the ease of uphauling. The two examples you provide above would be about the same to uphaul. At your weight, a board at 100 liters starts to go under water. At 120 liters, the board has plenty of float, but if you don't get your feet in the correct place to uphaul, the nose, tail or sides may begin to sink a little. At 100 liters, the sinking is significant of you get out of place. A 130 liter board is a little more forgiving than a 120 liter board if your feet aren't in the correct location for uphauling.

The width helps a little if the water is choppy and there are swells because wide = stability for uphauling if there is a lot of board movement. However, you won't notice any difference in two boards that are just 2 cm apart in width.

Wider is also easier for getting into the straps if they aren't too far out on the edge (rail) of the board. But again, a 2 cm difference won't be noticed.

When learning to use foot straps, be sure that they are set in the holes closest to the center line of the board. When your skills improve (a year or two), you will want to move them to the holes nearer the rails (outside edge) for better leverage with larger sails.
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72kg and no knowledge off footstraps. This year i bought the 101 with +- no knowledge off waterstart. I have to admit that with the 117L, i had 2 or 3 low wind sessions where i had to swim alot. With the 101, I had one session where i floated for +- 1hour with lots of swearing and being very tired. But i'm getting better and better in waterstarting. But the swearing and getting tired doesn't way up to the speed on the futura ;-). I also have to admit that when it gets above 6bft, i stay in undeep water till i can waterstart without getting tired and the water being warmer.

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