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Default RE: Pure Acid 74

I rode it on Maui, Kanaha and Hookipa from 2 feet to logo+. Especially the Hookipa wave would probably be classified as "real" by most. Incidentally, I'm exactly your weight. I'll try to answer below:

Q1) Up wind propension (to arrive first on the pic of the wave...)
A1) Its good and easy upwind, also with fairly small and flexy fins.

Q2) Bottom turn in real big wave front foot/back foot, short turn/long turn, grip propension, one foot off not to much wide at my weight (69 kg).
A2) Hard to summarice, but I would say there are two aspects that stand out. This first is that the tail feel rather narrow under you back foot, but at the same time incredibly solid. It's liks you have this high performance sharp tool, right at the command of your back foot. It just gives you a feel of being very directly connected to the water (like a high performance carving ski - if you're a skier). The second aspect is that the spiraling v really works when you engage the front rail at speed. Normally the board has a fairly round outline which makes it loose and easy to vary the carve on, but once you "set it" on the front rail it locks in and gets extremely secure. I can't say much more than that its a super natural bottom turner.

Q3) Early planning propension
A3) Can't complain here either. It's not gonna be a small board for anyone our weight and since the rocker is fast and effective it planes up quick.

Q4) Top end speed/ high jump.
A4) ...and by the same reasons as above it is also very quick. It simply a joy to push it to go faster and faster on the way out and it also takes a fully lit sail in a great way.

What I can add is that I'm used to the more heavily rockered EVOs and on a place like Hookipa the tail of the PA74 felt almost to stiff for me and the board got sensitive to to big fins. Prefered 22 or smaller for good size waves. I'm far from a Hookipa specialist though and both the character of the wave and the place in general is such that I sail better on a board I _really_ know (which would be the EVO 70 for me). The PA74 was new for me when I used it there (I was sailing the the proto that went into production and also a narrower version which turned out to be not as good). But even "stepping down" to the Kanaha wave (which can be really good to when the size goes up a bit) made the PA74 go back to completely natural and intuitive again.
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Giuseppe from Italy
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Default RE: Pure Acid 74

Thanks, Thanks Ola H. for all! Much appreciated from me and one of my surfers friends Paolo (that don't speack English).
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Default RE: Pure Acid 74

Hi Giuseppe,

Didn't you buy an Evo 62? What are your thoughts about after the "new board shine" has worn off. I'd be interested to hear if it was big enough to use regularly and how you found it.

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Giuseppe from Italy
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Default RE: Pure Acid 74

Hi Jonathan, yes! During the season 2005 I have had 05 Evo 62 model.
Yes Evo was big enough to use regulary but this only in small wave or bump and jump conditions where the board is perfect!
In august 2006 I was in Mauritius in real big/fast/side wave, and it was necessary to use a more big board. So I've changed it before to start.
Sure Evo 62 is the best board that I have used in Pozo conditions.
Total total control in all conditions I ensure real impressive, the board was good also in Garda lake medium wind conditions (early planning).
I've find evo 62 not so easy or suitable in big/fast wave+strong current + low/medium wind.
If you think to do Evo in Pozo conditions go for Evo 62, but if yuo think to youse it in big/fast wave, do for an Evo more big.
Hope this help
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