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Default 2000 Carve111 time for a change?

My 2000 Carve111 (which I have had from new) has been a fantastic choice and until recently my only choice - the one board option using sails of 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5. I recently bought an iSonic 125 for lighter winds and am now looking to get a smaller control biased board for higher winds on sails around 4.5 to 6.0. This board would be used the majority of times on inland waters and I want it to be able to handle the chop yet still be a good freeride blaster, which the Carve is great at. I weigh around 85Kg and am fairly competent intermediate/advanced level. I dont plan to get rid of the Carve, but it is not intended to bridge any gaps between my new choice and the iSonic 125 which I use with a 6.5 or 7.5 sail.
I have been looking at the Kode 94 as my new choice as I think this ticks more boxes then the Futura 93 or 101, but this is really what I would like some advice on. The Futura does seem to have a large sail carrying range, so is versatile, but am not so sure how well the board copes in higher winds compared with the Kode. So the Futura or Kode? That is my dilema and any advice welcome.
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Hi Steve

Not on the team but I am a freshwater sailor and weight 86kg. I use iS122 for 7.3 and 9.0 and a Kombat86 for 4.x-6.0. It is a big gap (sometimes I would like a 100l in between), I can't really use any sail on both boards, but I have some minimum overlap wind-range wise and it works.
If you go for a K94/F93, I suppose you could live without the C111 altogether. If you are keeping it, I would suggest K86, you'll gain more control when it's hairy. You'll need some time to get used to smaller volume.

It's hard to recommend F or K without actually knowing *your* conditions. If fast blasting is really important, Kode can't match a Futura. Usually, inland sailing is considered "mellower" than coastal, but where I live it howls sometimes (+ large chop/swell). So in my case crossover boards suit that better, rather than "slalomish" shapes.
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I still have a 2001 Carve 111. It's more "wavy" or more "convertible" than later Carve of 2005 and later which were more freeride-dedicated (flatter scoop-rocker line). In that sense, your current Carve is a lot closer to a convertible large Kombat or large Kode than the freeslalom-freeride-dedicated Futura.

The 2006 Kombat 86 is a lot smaller and livelier than the 2001 Carve 111 for my 65 kg; no question, these are 2 completely different animals. In fact, K86 is such a gem that I do not use the Carve anymore: felt way too big.

Cheers !

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you probably are not going to spend too much time reading this..

good winds
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