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Hi Roly.
Ive just been through this waterstarting. You perhaps have the issue of the board pointing too upwind when you put your back foot on, as roger suggests, which depowers the sail and drops you back in the water. Sounds to me like you need to experience the opposite problem a bit...that is, pointing the board too downwind, and the rig being ripped from your hands as you come up. The successful waterstart happens somewhere in between these two angles. You'll learn where with practice.
Do as Roger says and practice steering the board using the rig in waist deep water. Then try waterstarting in strong wind and see if you can point the board downwind so far that when you try come up, you get yanked over and the rig ripped from your hands. By doing this you'll get to know the force needed to pull you up, and then you just need to find the point in between where you can control the rig, while you are rising out of the water.

remember eat the mastfoot, and forget about putting your front foot on till you are sailing away. Believe me, when it comes, it comes and your brain does it all for you.
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Roly, when you lift the sail from the water the mast will point across the wind. But when you actually try to start, and to put your back foot on the board, then the mast has to point maybe 45 degrees into the wind.

You should have the board on a reach (across the wind) when you lift the back foot onboard. And thus the mast pointing significantly into the wind. But not too much as it then will flip over...
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