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Originally Posted by Shayne View Post
I am on a 65 ' catamaran so I have it easy, I have enough deck space to comfortable rig on deck. When we do windsurf charters we often have a dozen sails permanently rigged all week and same number of boards in racks, It's cool, we are like a floating windsurf shop.
I've seen guys on smaller cruising mono-hulls though, rig and de-rig their sails standing on the aft deck, or swim platform of their boat with the sail in the water.
When my wife and I go cruising again one of the main criteria for our next boat is that a rigged 7.5 can be stored on the foredeck while at anchor. Although that will probably mean a 50' + mono-hull so maybe I am in for a reality check.

Cheers, Shayne
So swimming, tramping water and rig in the same time is not to recommend?

Sweet to be able to do the rigging on deck. Hummm...
I have a 28" monohull whiteout a swim platform. One of my next projects is actually to make one.

How you boat owners do whit board and sail storage?
I currently have 3 (next week 4) boards on my deck, 2 wave surfboards at 6", 8" and one 133L + masts and booms in the same bag. Cant go sailing like that. So now I converting one quarter berth to board and sail wet storage whit drainage.
Feels safer to store under deck. Been in some ruff whether and most things on deck was gone the next morning.

Shayne do you store 12 rigged sails on deck?? And where the best places to windsurf in the Caribbean?

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Hi Crash,

I've rigged a few times from a dinghy with the sail in the water, it works but I think it needs to be nice calm water or the sail gets beat up a bit. Probably with a bit of practice it would come together. I've thought about swimming in the water with the sail to rig it, but I imagine it would be difficult.

If you can store your gear below decks that would be perfect, we used to have a 30 foot monohull, in a gale off the Chinese coast a wave broke over the boat and snapped my surf board in two, it was an early lesson about having gear lashed on deck.

On this catamaran our two foredeck nets, or trampolines, are big enough to take a rigged 7.5 each, then we just take the booms off the smaller sails and slide them on top, we can even go to sea like that if the conditions are moderate.
The boards store in racks that are attached to the stanchions, we can get away with having them on deck on a boat this size.

As for sailing spots in the Caribbean ? if you are living on a boat, there are too many to mention. From flat water, clean wind, crystal clear water, to anchorages with access to great B and J or open water.

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Hi Stevo,

older Aero 117 would do it all, 4.7 possible and it goes easily up to 8 squere meters...two fins were in the package, one for waves and one for freeride.

I think you would like it...

Probably not easy to get, the closest in the new range is probably Kode 112 (but not sure if there are two fins comming with it).

Ciao Michal.
PA 86 & eVo 100 (with S-1); iS 101 & 122 & 144 (with Overdrive)
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