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Default Ultrasonic 2011 ==> 2016


I have the Ultrasonic of 2011. The first version that came out.
Although I use it quite a lot, it is still in excellent condition with hardly no scratches on the board, nor any soft spots.
It's a board that I will still keep for a long time, as it fulfills all my light wind expectations.

Nevertheless, I'm always interested in the experience of users who have the more recent versions up till the latest 2016 model.

When I look at the specs of the Ultrasonic 2016, I notice that it has gained some width and has reduced some thickness, resulting in the same 147 volume.
To my surprise, it has also gained some weight.
According to the specs, my 2011 Carbon version weighed 7.76kg while the 2016 Carbon Reflex weighs 8.1 kg.

I look forward to hearing of you guys, especially those who've had previous versions and can compare.

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Nice subject! Last october I bought a new 2015 Ultrasonic (identical to the 2016) and had only 7 sessions on it. So I can't compare with the older versions but I'm also very interested in the reactions on your question. I have a wood version because I don't like the behaviour of carbon in shoppy conditions....
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