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Default Not so secret starboard quad fin

Starboard quad fin sizes for 2010.

66 - 66 ltr, 223cm, 53cm 33.7cm tail
71 - 70 ltr, 229cm, 55.5cm, 35.5 tail
76 - 74 ltr, 228cm, 57.5cm, 36.8 tail
81 - 80 ltr, 233cm, 58cm, 36.5 tail
86 - 87 ltr, 234cm, 60.5cm, 38 tail

The two small boards are the same as the 09 evo and the two large boards are the same as the 09 evil twin, in outline measurements. The 76 is a new shape, going by the measurements.

The outside fins sit in MiniTuttle boxes which is a very strong connection, about as strong as a normal US-box, I would say.

And the rear boxes, as mentioned, are not fcs, but a much stronger box that can take fcs fins but also futures. So if you break on of those, you can get a replacement fin pretty much anywhere.

Availability of the MiniTuttle side fins is not as great and Starboard dealers have been encourages to stock up on extras.

The front fins come in 15 and 16 and the rear fins in 11 and 12. The fin size on the different boards sizes, if my info is correct, is kind of interesting. All sizes but one of the mid sized boards come with 16+11 and that odd mid board come with 15+12. I guess it was simply found out in testing that that particular board went better with more equal sized fins.

And no, I have not tried these boards yet.

Ola H. - Starboard team - Hot Sails Maui team
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