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Hi B737,
Will you be down on Hatteras Island this weekend?
I'll be there as well and perhaps we could hook up and go over some things.
As far as where you need to put your mast foot, with a sail as small as the 4.5 m2
I'd suggest somewhere near the back of the track.
With your current skill set, I'd suggest running all your sails at the back of the track as this should help you to stay upwind a bit better.
Later, with bigger sails, you may want to put the mast foot more forward to achieve specific goals, but for now, back is better.
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thanks so much for this info!! we just got back from Hatteras, we camped in Waves. She got some good Kite surfing in and i put in a bunch more hours with the bic. its best for me to stay in 5-10kt winds with that 4.5 sail. the footing placement allowed me to take the board farther and faster!

by moving my feet where you told me to, and i recall my first instructor telling me this, i was able to get the board clipping along, although not on plane of course... the bow was pointed up, water swishing behind me! it was a lot of fun!! im going to keep working on, going straight, then turning the board around after 'ditching' and sailing back.

its an absolute blast and one heck of a challenge!
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