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Originally Posted by Ken View Post
Another observation regarding the iS 111, the fins and the foot strap set up. In my opinion, the 111 is specifically designed for downwind slalom, that's where it excells and is the most comfortable. Beam reaching or working upwind is not as comfortable with the foot strap set up, plus there is a lot of pressure on the back foot, which increases the likelyhood of spin out if you are not fully powered.
The season is dwindling in San Francisco and I am finally getting quite a lot of sailing on the Is-111. I agree that the Is-111 is impressive downwind but I find that it works very well upwind too. Not as well as my Mike's Lab (which is a big pre-formula course board) but not so far. My straps are all the way back (I am 70Kg), DaKine straps in the back , and I use a chest harness. I notice pressure on the rear foot ("floating" front) only if I rise the boom too much, otherwise I feel quite balanced with similar weight on both feet.

I must be the only sailor out there that has no complain about the Drakes ... but I will still get a Talon 40 next season just to try.

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Default techtonics advise

Thanks for all the advise. I will check out the plants as advised. I will still welcome any more plants recommendations if there are any. Thanks
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I had same board and sails
used Tectonic Talon 38 most with these sails and 36 with 6.2 powered up.
Also tried Tomcat 38 and Goldwing 38-36

Best fin solution 1 fin Goldwing 38
Best solution 2 fins Tomcat 38 and Talon or Goldwing 36
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