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a lot of shops offer packages. If you're restarting i suggest you get one of those. Usually they'll give you a Gaastra Pilot 6.0 or 6.5 with mast and boom for a 150 L Go which is fine but with light winds will only get you so far. It'll get you back into the basics but you'll need at least 15 knots before you'll get the whole thing into plane. The most ideal would be to get the pack with a 6.5 and when your back into the sport buy an additional 8.5 no-cam freeride sail for the lightwind days, and 8.5 should give you planning time in 12 knots or so, maybe less if you're able to pump it right.
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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Two sails around 6.5 and 8.0/8.5 would cover an awful lot. I suppose Rio would suit you fine, there is another popular fun longboard with a soft deck (go check exocet site).

Yes there is a difference between shortboard sails and dedicated longboard sails, but it won't matter unless you'll compete. So a twin cam freeride 8.5 (for example) will work reasonably well, for both wide shortboard and longboard sailing (if you're not yet sure what you'll buy).
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Crazychemical and Screamer,

That's exactly what I was looking for -- I'll be sure to check in once I've arrived and let you guys know how the sailing turns out!

Thanks again!
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