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Default back foot pressure

it seems I am pushing the fin sideways with my back foot too hard,the tail slides forward under my feet sometimes, causing loss of contol. At the same time there is no pressure coming through my front foot. My stance needs changing, what can I do to reduce sideways back foot pressure and increase mast foot pressure. I sail on a freeride/slalom board.
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How wide is your board?
How long is your fin?
What size sails?
How much wind?
With this info we maight be able to give you a good answer.
Without this info it will all be a guess.
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Which board is it?
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Roger's questions are essential for finding the answer. Also, point of sail determines how much pressure you put on your back foot. The following has been my experience, but much depends on the board, fin, wind, sail, body weight, speed etc. The below estimates assume that you are fully powered up with good speed (planing) and are an intermediate or advanced sailor

Upwind - Majority of pressure on the back foot (90+%)

Beam Reach (across the wind) - more than half on the back foot, less than half on the front foot.

Full Reach (down wind) - Weight balanced evenly on both feet or possibly a little more weight on the front foot.
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I love the spin out.......

Give Us more info.

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just back from sailing and had the same problem
the board is f2 ride (freeride/slalom)
the fin is select s-rde 34 cm
the sails are north sails natural 7.5/6.2 no cambers
my weight is 63 kg
use seat harness, long lines

the wind was 12-15 knots today, comfortably powered up on 6,2, choppy
my level is intermediate, the course is beam reach or higher.

my guess is that I dont generate enough mast foot pressure, so too much of it goes through the back foot and the tail "steps out"
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the board is 278 cm long, 63 cm wide (I think) 102 litres
thanks for the input
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I have a Futura 101L and this board needs a lot off back foot pressure to prevent spin out.
I always had problems going through chop till I found out I tried to catch up the chop by pulling up the back foot and had a lot off spin outs. From the moment I started to keep pressure on my back foot, it stopped.
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Try moving your harness lines further back.Spin out is closely linked with the sail; centre of effort ; and board ; centre of resistance.
Moving lines back prompts you to use rig slightly further forward. (ie entre of effort infront CoR)
Not bound to be problem but give it a try. (Then start playing with fins/technique)

We all spin out now and again. Pushing rig forwards can prevent it developing if you can catch it quick enough !!!
Good luck !!!
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Old 2nd August 2009, 01:31 PM   #10
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no I am not exactly spinnng out, it,s just that I am pushing too hard on the fin so that is looses grip, same thing happens to Laird Hamilton in the following video when he lets go of the boom http://www.stableroad.com/videos/lairdhamilton.htm

I guess I need to transfer more weight on the harness and lift the weight from the board, I just dont know how yet.
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