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Hi Morten.
First of all you have to be sure that it's a fin and not a sail problem that makes you spin out. I (95 kgs) have an iS 122 and I don't have any problems with my Drake 46 with a 8.5 sail - except that it actually feels a little too big - and I can use the Drake 40 comfortably (and faster) with the 8.5 when the wind is higher and steady.
How is your sail trimmed? Do you use enough downhaul (lots of surfere don't), and do ylu have an adjustable outhaul? What about foot strap position? Are you in balance on the board?

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Old 22nd August 2009, 05:32 AM   #12
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I alternate between Drake 40 & 42cm fins with 8m GTX depending on sea state
but I'm quite happy with Drake 46cm fin for 9m Vapor whatever the conditions.
I'm 72kgs and prefer to use a seat harness to keep the weight off my feet.
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Hi Morten,

Please try this : remove the fin sticker by sanding with minimum 600 gr and all the fin from base to head, it should be stop your spin out.

All the best

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Old 27th August 2009, 04:36 PM   #14
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Tanks for all responses. I bought a Drake r13 sl 48. I have tried it a couple of times and it works perfect for me. Mutch more speed, no spin-out and that gives me easier jibes.

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Old 30th August 2009, 06:29 PM   #15
Chris Pressler
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Hi Morten,
very interesting post! I played a lot with fin sizes on the iSonic 122 2009 and went up to 48cm, which gave me solid speed and control. My weight is in between 83 and 85 kg. But after testing with teammates, especially with Jesper Orth, I realised, that my gear was trimmed too extreme. Boom too high and masttrack too far back. Now I came back to an average trimm: enough downhaul, mastbase around the sweet spot (recommended position), 44 fin, front straps middle, backstraps middle or back and boom much lower by 5-8 cm.
The result: more comfort, better locked sail, more control in the jibe and no spinouts, because my bodyweight sits deeper.
Try this out and you will perhaps decide to get a 46 or 44 inside the board. If you will be powered up on the 48, you can realize that the board starts to work a lot along its midleline and doesn´t fly so stable over the water, how it should. Just watch the nose of the board when you feel that the whole system gets powered up. With a shorter fin you will have much more stability. But it depends, what you are looking for: a gearset, which works great on the upwind or a set, which should be a winner on the downwind. And the watersurface has a big influence on your trimm. I would suggest to have at least 2 finsizes for the 122. So you can pimp the board in lighter wind with the 48 and get the best tuning in stronger conditions with a 42 or 44. Depends on the model.

Have fun,

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