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Cool Heavyweights Dilemna ???

I`m 103kg. Reasonably profficient.

Like "blasting" but love that "free" playfull feeling on wave type boards and good freerides. (You know that over the centre of board pushing front foot; bearing away then luffing up; that natural turning you can get on some boards / (Not slalom ?)

Anyhow when I choose to sail a board to give this "feeling" (in 7.5 weather) I always lose out on early planing. If I go for early planing (Eg Sonic over Futura) I lose that playfullness !
Not yet found a board which gives that natural "turnynes" (???) but still offers early planing. (for me) Nearest I get is Futura with straps central ???
Any Ideas ???

Probably trying to get something that is simply not possible ???
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Wouldn't the biggest Kode work? They have that feel for sure, more so than the Futuras and the Kodes respond better to the technique you describe. 103 kilos with a 7.5 may be boarderline though but with a bigger fin it could work (at least with some work on that early planing technique).
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I don't think picking a board like the Futura is the way out of your condrum. A large Kode might suit you, as would a Fanatic Freewave 113 or Eagle 113. An RRD FSW would also fit the bill. But in order to turn well you will always pay a price in the early planing department.

I, at about 100 kg, am using a Exocet Cross 106 with a 7 m2 max sail to achieve this kind of playful feeling. And when there is less wind I use large free-slalom board to get the early planing (with a 9 m2 sail).

What kind of quiver do you want to maintain?
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Old 3rd August 2009, 01:02 AM   #4
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Cool kode 135

Dont like over 7.5. (Currently GTX 3 cammed is biggest) But might have to ?
Generally mates on approx 6 to 6.5 (when I`m on 7.5) will plane up before me and in lulls plane away. (Different in gusts !!!)
On this kind of rig sizing only way I can compete in lulls/less wind is go bigger slalom. (ie Sonic 122/133) but then dont really like "slalom" feel.
Dont think kode 122 would compete with Isonic 122 for early planing no matter how good technique is ? (Unless technique is losing 10 kg?>?)
Using 8 metre + does not seem very attractive to me at our coastal venue ? Waves swell chop + 8 metre is not a good recipe ???

Perhaps its just a fact of life. ??
Heavies enjoy faster top speeds ? Playfull feeling on bigger boards ?? Lighter sailors plane up earlier ???

I do think sub 90k sailors have a much wider choice. (ie at 80k Kode 122 would be very early planing and still offer "playfull" feeling ????)

At 100+ suspect only route is bigish slalom ???

To be honest dont think technique is in question. Mates have just as muxch as me so that being equal they`l still plane up earlier ???

Any other 100k + any comments ???

A kode 135 perhaps ????
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Default Heavyweights Dilemna


sorry *board, but have you checked out the Fanatic Hawk (123 or 135) LTD? It has reasonable early planning and gives you the feeling you are looking for.
Another option is Mistral Screamer RD, but think for what you are looking after the Hawk might be the answer.
If you understand German, read the SURF magazine reviews. Quite good stuff.
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Old 9th August 2009, 05:10 PM   #6
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Default board for heawyweights


My weight is same as yours 103kg and I do like same things as you. Reading yor post about early planning felt like I wrote that My biggest board is Carve 122 and sail is 7.8 without cams and I get planning with 13-14 knots with those toys. If you look for a good board for blasting with playful feel you should look boards with super-x history. Maybe a Tabou Rocket will be good option or even Tabou Manta. What i know that heawy Cammed sail can kill every boards playful feel. Lightest rig as possible is good option for heawyweigts for early planning, then you can use little biger sails.
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Old 10th August 2009, 02:56 AM   #7
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Tabou Rocket is one I`ve tried. Very fast and early planing but not as "playfull" as my older Carve.
Really enjoyed Syncro 124 (RD) and even with a 7.5 cam (very tight D/H + OH) felt great but definitely lost out to mates in early planing.(Syncro 124 RD is a fantastic board; sorry #B)
Want to try Hawk 135 (Ltd) and will kive big Kode a try but cant see kode planing any earlier than syncro ??? (But it might ?? its a bit wider)
Futura is more "slalomy" than Carve and to be honest out the picture. (unless I give up on playing in 7.5 weather and go for Futura 133/144. (Which would plane super early) and then get either kode 112 or Syncro 114 ??? ????!!! (Aswell )???
Thanks for replies.
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Old 11th August 2009, 03:25 AM   #8
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Default heavy weights


another 100 kg sailor here, but still fairly new to the new shortboards
using a 160 liter 79 cm wide board with an 8.5 and still noticed the "lightweights" zooming by with their smaller boards n sails

was asking myself if i needed an even bigger rig or needed to go to the LTD versions like mentioned here

thought heavy weights could go faster - Antoine, Bjorn et al...

i even try to lean back further , push mast up higher, pump the fin, pump the rig, you name it -- i should be flyin'

okay, it's fast, butt i wanna pass 'em all

update : found an article with Antoine and what he uses
light winds isonic 133 with 9.8 and 9.0
mid winds isonic 111 for better top speed with 8.4 and 7.8
goes down to 7.4 on this board with 25 knots !!!!
high winds isonic 86 with 6.7 and 5.4
and when it gets crazy - he uses his record holding 4.8
this is from Windsurf Mag july/august 2008
forget who antoine is using as sponsor now ....

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Old 11th August 2009, 12:06 PM   #9
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Heavier than average guys definitely need bigger sails and boards to keep up.

If you want to know how much bigger you need, there is a spreadsheet at the following link that will automatically calculate sail and board sizes needed for good planing based on body weight and wind strength:


I'm 73 kg and my "light wind" maneuver-oriented setup is a 106 liter freestyle-wave board with a 6.6 sail. It's great in 15 knots.

Based on the calculator, here's what a 103 kg person would need to get that same feeling in 15 knots: 135 liter board with a 9.2 sail.

Likewise, 7.5 weather for me is 13 knots, whereas for the original poster, 7.5 weather is 18.4 knots. That's 5.4 weather for me. So I guess it's all relative.
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Old 12th August 2009, 04:53 AM   #10
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Hi James
Think your answer sort of sums up (adds to ???) the dimena.
Taking your example (ie a 135 litre and 9.2 sail) would probably (???) get me up and going as quick as mates on 7`s and 106 but I`d lose out on top end then. (My Names not Antoine)
I suspect point I`m making is the heavier sailor just does not have same range as lighter counterpart. Yes you can certainly get kit to plane up as early (nowadays); but choosing that will see you overboarded or overpowered in gusts and or changing down pretty quickly on rising wind. (I simply wont sail at our venue on anything over 8; it just does not work)

Think your algorithm for sail size/ weight might want a bit of tweaking too.(Its a damnesd good effort though)

I`ve noticed in 6 metre weather for 75 k (ish) sailors I can hang on to a 7.5 fairly comfortably. But by time 75 k sailors are on 4.2 I`d be about on limit with 4.7. (infact just going with 4.2)And once its under 4 metre weather there`s little difference in our sail choices. (Perhaps .2 in it ??? )

How did you arrive at your equation linking weight to sail size ???
And board can make at least a metre difference (at 7 metre) (Eg I can feel overpowered on 7 metre on 130 litres, put same rig on 105 litres and its manageable .)
Good sailing.
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