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Default RE: 2006 Sonic 95L vs. 2003 Hypersonic 105L


You might consider reading these 3 years old posts about what you can expect between Sonic vs Hypersonic :


Cheers !

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Default RE: 2006 Sonic 95L vs. 2003 Hypersonic 105L

About those old threads...
The first one was started by me.
Now, after a few years, I think I did the right thing buying my first Hypersonic 105, so that I was able to test and sail a revolutionary concept board.
After that, I did a mistake the following year, when I decided to give that concept another try and I bought the (slightly) improved Hypersonic 111, instead of returning to a traditional, high performance modern slalom board and take advantage of the (then) newly released Sonic 100.
Now I have a Sonic 95. It is my biggest board and I do not regret it.
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