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Default harness hook

i sail with a modified harness hook, that is its modified so hook will slide laterally. this i feel gives me large advantage sailing in strong wind as i am more able to get weight forward thus keeping nose down. sailing upwind also helps. i use a surf/seat harness with highest possible hook height for added control. have been sailing 15 years and surprised few share my thinking on this. just purchased new harness used it without modifying it and after one long reach sailed back to put old one back on.
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Hi mac
Design you talk about was available years ago. (Where hook moved side to side; so you could twist body to face direction of travel slightly?) Couple of mates still use spreader bar from harness. (Hook slides on a plate along bar) Dont think they are available now; they didnt sell well? ??? There was a plastic version available from Neil Pryde where hook came back to central position under tension from elasticated webbing; they were popular for a few years. Might make a comeback ???
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Hot Ice
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I use a Dakine waist harness and the hook slides laterally on it. To be honest I donít really feel any difference from an ordinary fixed hook, but that could just be me.

To keep the nose down on my board I use long harness lines touching each other on the boom. This allows me to have a narrow grip, keeping the rig vertical and leaning my weight way forward on the board keeping the nose down. I also have my boom quite high and find that allows me to plan early, lighter on my feet and again lean my weight forward and go up wind easily. Throwing in a few fast jump tacks prove useful.

Give your new harness a few sessions any change will feel awkward at first.

Not against your idea by the way as my mate has a similar setup and if it works for you then cool.
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Dakine offers a webbing kit to fit a sliding bar to many of their models
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