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Fashion is part of every sport. Look at the surfwear business. Some shops I know are making more money from clothes than boards/sails. Now some windsurfers are fashion victims, others not. But I imagine that when you want a red board, pay for it and get a white one, you'll be frustrated. And even if it has nothing to do with performance it may affect the good feeling and fun you expected. It's nothing rational, admittedly. Some windsurfers are very rational, others less.
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Hot Ice
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Smile Win Win

Hi mario,

You are right to be upset if you specified a particular color scheme.

The problem is you have been ignored and rightly feel angry.

It is your dealer not Starboard who is at fault.

Take your board back to your dealer and demand a new board with your specified color scheme.

If that is not available demand a full refund.

The win win situation is to ask your dealer to have the bottom of your board professionally sprayed red.

Good luck and I hope your problem is resolved to your satisfaction.

BTW This is not the medium to resolve this issue.
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Default Futura 101 2008, 2009, 2010

What are the differences between Futura 101 2008, 2009 and 2010 models ?

Do you recommend buying 2008 Futura 101 (new) for a much better price? Do i miss a lot of specialties i if prefer 2008? Thanx!
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Angry Where are you Tiesda You/Svein?

I'm one of many which have followed the thread about the colour scheme on the Futura 2009 and I find it VERY strange that there are no reply from the developers/Starboard...does this mean that Starboard agree with the customer and are afraid to admit this due to the possible consequences this may bring about. Are they afraid that the customers will rush to the dealers to ask for a refund. I mean that it is wiser to admit to a fault rather than go for the no comment direction and hope that things goes away in time. One can clearly see that the bottom should be red in Windsurf magazine where Harty shows his technique on a Futura 145 Red sides and red BOTTOM. Did they have some leftovers from last year that they just have changed the graphics on.......

I would just state that I am one of the unfortunate customers who got the WHITE one, but I am VERY happy with my board and its performance, but it would have been nice with an explanation. Looking forward to Your reply.
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They probably dont think its worth replying !!!!

For goodness sake get a grip. The board base is white; big deal. Its utterly childish !!!

Wonder if Antoine or Bjorn or any decent sailors ever worry about colour of board !!!
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Hey Girl, Did you see the botom of my board?
I guess Fashion is part of the sport at the end.
I look hot when I ride my iSonic 111 with grey bottom.
My windsurfing has gone from good to the best due to the color of my sail.
My Board is faster because the bottom is red.
The color of the sport has nothing to due with fashion. It is there for appeal not fashion.
Does Neilpryde drop clew sails are fashonable or funtional? Are the winglets in my iSonic fashion or function. Is the red cut out tails fashion or funtion.
This is what I mean when I say fashion is not part of winrsurfing.

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Tiesda You
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Hi Mario and all,

Sorry if I haven't been so up-to-date on the forum threads. The last few months have been pretty intense to put it softly.

Our marketing material, like catalogues and websites, use photos generated from our photoshoots that take place several months before the final specifications are closed. Photoshoot are one of our biggest expenses so we wouldn't have many per year - and April is known as the month of photoshoots in our industry.

This means that photos will sometimes show a close-to-final product as opposed to an actual production board - maybe one in twenty (and even then the difference is very hard to spot).

We also use the photoshoots as feedback platforms when people come up to us and tell us their 'first impressions' on the new graphics. After the shoot, there can be room for changes to be made - for example the bottom colour of the Futuras or the pantone shade of blue or red and so on.

We've been careful not to show photos of the bottoms of the Futuras in our promotional material. Since our photoshoot covers so many riders and boards, there will be some photos out there that have slipped out, showing the bottom of the photoshoot's board as red, even though the final specification for production is white. The key point is that we haven't directly promoted any specific colour for the bottom of the board.

Anyway, I understand that Martin Haglev, our new head of marketing, is already in touch with you Mario, to find you one of the earlier production boards that was made before the switch to red. I hope that you'll get this soon. Personally, I like white more because it doesn't look as heavy... but they do say that red is the faster colour...


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Hi all

As stated before i was contacted by Starboard Marketing Manager, Martin Haglev.
Thanks Martin for being a great person and helping me with this issue.

He explained me why the board bottom changed color and why starboard didnt contact me sooner, they were all at the dealears meeting to promote the new boards.
The bottom is now white because its lighter and is faster on the water.

Now all is fine and this issue has been closed.
Im still a starboard fan and will keep buying these fanastic boards.

Thanks all for your support and comments.
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Default How to deal with dinged equipment

I have received a damaged goods from SB lately. Very bad ding, saw it only a week after accepting the plank. Must have been a handling thing, because otherwise the board's manufacturing is absolutely stunning.

So I fixed it best I could, and resolved to make the fix better by beating the crap out of it through freestyle. Dings all over now, looks much better.

Morale is, to me at least: peruse carefully new equipment before paying for it, and do take up freestyle!

Good sailing all.
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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
They probably dont think its worth replying !!!!

For goodness sake get a grip. The board base is white; big deal. Its utterly childish !!!

Wonder if Antoine or Bjorn or any decent sailors ever worry about colour of board !!!
they worry!!
listen, having hung out with both of these blokes at cassonova's for cocktails, or walmart shopping for cheap furniture, I know they lose sleep over these issues.
why, this spring we were grinding out Antoine's cutouts on his slalom board, at kihei testing some neil pryde kit, Antoine spouted " the ladeee like the red ".
It may have been a comment directed at the shiraz he likes , but i doubt it , as we were concentrating hard on the grinding to cutouts:millimeters at a time.
To add, I was at sprecks with Bjorn. Between holding the speed gun and helping adjust his rig , I saw that he had endured some reef rash and had a few cuts that bled freely.
I pointed it out and he blurted "red makes me look tough , its all about the cheeks" he Bjorn blurted .
seeing no chicks , furry yellow critters or bikini clad birds of the human type in the immediate vicintity I knew it was about the board, It just had to be!
so there you go!!
C- 144 maui-monger
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