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Default RE: Search Engine


I've found the way the search engines are working do vastly differ in 2007 from the previous 2000-2006 archives as follows :

1) 2000-2006 archives :

There are 573 unique forum threads containing the word "hypersonic" in those archives.

http://www.picosearch.com/cgi-bin/ts.pl?index=129460&opt=all&psel=SBForums&query=hyp ersonic&psel=

To open all the messages there, do the following :
i) remove the time & date stamp in the URL
ii) substitute the "www" by "2006" in the URL
iii) example : http://www.star-board.com/Forum/starbulletin/read.asp?ID=1710&t=200371010165 cannot be opened but http://2006.star-board.com/Forum/starbulletin/read.asp?ID=1710 can.

2) 2007 archives :

There are a whooping 5984 forum posts matching the word "hypersonic". Upon a close inspection, the search engine lists every occurence of that word in all forum posts but does not retrieve unique forum threads as shown above. In other words, it lists multiple messages within each forum threads.

In order to ease the daunting task of finding the correct topic of choice, the use of multiple words is strongly advised to improve the filtering. What is the correct syntax of using boolean attributes such as AND, OR, NOT for this search engine (doesn't seem to work to me) ?

Also be carefull with the spelling: searching for "hypersonic" and "fins" produced 52 hits but searching for "hypersonic" and "fin" yielded 112 hits that did not contain the previous 52 hits. Searching for "hypersonic" and "fin" and "fins" didn't give the expected 164 hits but gave 0 hits...!

Cheers !

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