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I have actually lost a Powerbox fin once, but that was most certainly because of a bolt that was too short. I noticed that the threads engaged just a few turns of the screwdriver, but I was as usual in a hurry to get out.

And then I lost the fin...

I could imagine that it you shim with fincover material that is soft then you may get some play into the system, and that might work out (rocking it from side to side) the bolt eventually. I believe shim materials, if used, should be solid.

You also said that you "packed finbox with some fincover material at bottom". This could be the culprit. A powerbox fin is NOT intended to touch teh bottom of the box, it is supposed to be wedged in between the walls.

But I have never even heared about anyone else that would have needed to shim a powerbox fin.
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My experience with power boxes is that the fins ALWAYS fit just right. No shimming or sanding. On the other hand, I usually have to sand either the fin or the box if it's Tuttle.
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Hi, for me powerbox is best choiche. Central screw is easier and quicker. No problem with interchange of fins. Two years ago I hitted a rock hardly with a Select 48 Course, head broke, screw curved, but BOARD FINBOX SAFE! I've heard about tuttleboxes broken in similar situations: two thight and hard connection system imho. You save the fin but loose the board, finbox repair is an hard and pricy one!
But: first of all now if I sail in rocky spots I use a longer powerbox fin with a thick rubber spacer (1 cm) under the screw head, so now I have a "fin bumper". Second I was wondering about a cave screw with inside a safety leash (a fishing rope) or something similar to avoid loosing the fin in case of impact (easy when yore trying to ride waves near the shore)...
Nico, Venice, Italy
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