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Default Still a little confused about fin and sail sizes


I'm new here and back to winsurfing after years. I recently got a great deal on a 2003 carve 131 with booms sails etc. What a difference coming from an old O'Brien from the 90's!!

I'm about 145 lbs and learning, I can sail, but just starting to use straps/harness and can tack and jibe in non planing conditions, progressing to carve, still uphauling but trying to learn waterstarting and occasionally beach start.

The board came with it's original Drake 48 CM and a Maui magic 38, The sails I have are 5.4, 6.4 and 8.1.

The maui fin seems more like a slalom fin and I do find it a little stiff, I would like to get something a little easier to turn, on top of that I rode the 38 into oysters, looks like I'll have to reshape that one, it might end up shorter :-)

According to a calculator I found online I should use a fin between 32 and 34 cm for those sails, I have read other threads and forums about it and I'm pretty set on trying a Maui Fins liquid pro series. I would like to get a size that can serve both my 5.4 and 6.4 and I'm still a bit confused about sizing... I've seen a chart for the liquid pro suggesting a 34 cm would go with sails 5.3 to 6.3, considering I'm lighter than average it should be just right. At the store, they are telling me with that board I should use a bigger fin because of the board size...

Also according to the same calculator, my 5.4 sail is good to about 18 knots wind, I'm looking to go play in 21 to 25 knots in a few days, which according to said calculator calls for a 4.x sail, specs on the carve tell me sail range is 5.5 to 8.5 so technically my smallest sail is too small for that board (by 0.1, I'm sure that's ok). Does that mean my board is too big for 25 kts?

I am a little confused about gear size to conditions with this set up... Can anyone shed some light on this?
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no answers ??
thought the Carve was a popular board and should have "followers" ??

seems the board is 259x72 cm and as OP says - came with a 48 cm fin
http://2004.star-board.com/products/carve.asp suggests 5.5 to 8.5
that is the board/sail recommendation not taking into consideration sailor weight n skills

OP is "learning" and ONLY 145 pounds
I am over 200 pounds still learning and can use an 8.5 in 20 knots, but prefer 7 m² sail
probably with the Maui Magic 38 cm fin ...

so, can this board go in 20 knots ? DEFINITELY
a much lighter sailor than I would just need that much less sail
would the board work with that , but of course

heavyweights have more equipment choice dilemmas than lightweights
joe windsurfer @ 105 kg
2012 JP SLW92, 2013 AHD SL-2 132, 2000 Fanatic BEE 124 LTD + Mistral Equipe II XR (Mistral SLE303 to beat up)
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Carve 131 (2003-2004).
Recommended sail and fin sizes for an average 75 kg rider :

5.5 m2 sail : 38 cm fin
6.0 : 40 cm
6.5 : 42 cm
7.0 : 44 cm
7.5 : 46 cm
8.0 : 48 cm
8.5 m2 sail : 50 cm fin

Advice given to you by your store is correct WRT fin sizing. Substract 2 cm if you're a light weight rider or a less skilled rider. Add 2 cm if you're a heavy rider or if you're advanced skills.

Since you're lighter at 66 kg, the 37-38 cm fin might be spot on for your skills and the 5.4 m2 sail. A slalom fin would make the board "stiffer", with more a directional or locked-in feel underfoot whereas a swept-back freeride fin would make the board "softer", loosier and more easy-going and forgiving underfoot, especially in choppy seas. The Maui Fins liquid pro series looks like a perfect match to a freeride board such as the Carve IMHO. However, I feel that a 34 cm fin is too small with such a wide board (tail is 47 cm OFO), so you might just run into fin spinout/skid while banking the board during carving jibe, i.e., not having enough fin bite or fin grip while the hull is banked on his inside rail during the turn.

WRT sail range, the calculator is offscale by quite a lot of margin. Sail range of a NP NR 5.4 or a Severne Blade 5.5 m2 wave sail is 20-25 knots for my 65 kg weight, so you will be overpowered at 25 knots for your skills and barely powered at 18 knots of wind. Choppy seas and keeping the 72 cm wide board under control during a carving jibe would start to be kind of hairy to say the least with your light weight in 25 knots wind or more, so I doubt a 4.7 m2 sail would be helpful on such a wide board for your light weight. This board is a light wind freeride, especially with your light weight.

Sail size diffrerence of 0.1 m2 is very hard to notice while sailing, so don't worry if you have a 5.4 m2 sail and the minimal recommended sail size is 5.5 m2. Sail trim and perfect mast match to the sail are much more important parameters to consider when buying a rig.

Cheers !


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Your board is too big for 25 kts and you'll have your hands full trying to keep it down with your weight. For wind this strong you need a board with less then 90L of volume for a comfortable ride. Once you start feeling confident planing and turning in winds up to 18 kts with this board it will be about time for you to start downsizing. The sooner you start sailing smaller boards the faster your progress will be.
Dont worry about your fins too much . If the tail spins out often-put a bigger fin, if it feels like the tail is trying to lift you up and turn the board upside down-put a smaller one.
A simple way to figure out fin sizes /from P. Hart/: for boards wider then 70 cm-sail size taken as a whole number divided by 2 and added 5cm
Example for your 6.4: 64:2=32+5=37 or 38 cm fin
Boards less then 70 cm wide-don't add 5 cm.
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To avoid control issues in strong wind you may try to use and undersized sail, at least an quadrate meter less then the optimal for the conditions. I see guys doing it all the time. It looks funny and it probably feels awkward, but hey, beets no-sail any time.
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Thanks everyone for your replies,

It's starting to make some sense, and most of all it's starting to feel like I just need to experiment some...

I reshaped my chewed-up-by-oysters 38 fin, haven't had a chance to test it yet but I feel pretty good it will be usable, by now more like a 37.5.

After all the feedback I no longer feel I need a smaller fin and or to replace this one. I was at the store yesterday and they talked me out of buying another fin (gotta appreciate a store talking you out of unnecessary purchases!) I instead found a great deal on a used 7.5 in great conditions.

So my quiver is now the following:
sails: 5.4 - 6.4 - 7.5 - 8.1
fins: 38 (ish) Slalom - 48 Freeride

After reading all replies and searching some more, I still am not sure what fin I should use with my 6.4 and 7.5 and I'm still feeling like maybe I do need another fin, only now I think I might need one in between maybe a 42?

I'm on the east coast of Florida and Matthew is going to bring some fun in the next few days, I will be able to experiment a bit, especially with the smaller sail and I'll probably find out what my limits are with this setup in terms of max wind.

I look forward to the day I feel like I need a shorter board, but for now, this feels like a short board to me, coming from an ancient o'brian set up :-)
I will be practicing waterstarts as much as I can but before I can consistently get going without uphauling I will not dream of a smaller board or taking it out in the ocean (I sail the intercoastal for now)
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fin size, sail size

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