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If most of the sailors on your local lake are rigging 7.0-10.5 sails on what appears to be 145 liter boards then a 133 liter board may be too small for you. Are the other sailors smaller then you, your size or much bigger then you? If they are much bigger then you then going down to the 133 would make sense. If the other sailors are not bigger then you then I think you should look for something larger then the 140 liter range if you decide to go with a different sized board.

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eric b 125
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sailors of similar size to me sail boards in the 140 range... give or take. a lot of these dudes have several boards, and many rigs, so they can change their setups according to the wind.
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Default novice w/ some questions

hi i am just wondering i got two small goldfish... can i keep other fish together with it...? i rmb hearing goldfish like to be just themselves... as my tank is a bit big for the fish so thinking of adding some other fish in..
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