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Default To wolfgang lessacher weedfins

dear wolfgang.
I have seen that you have discussed weedfins (Camaelont etc) in other forums. I use your fins and i like them (can use smaller fins).
A question:
As the weedfins has the 45 grades angle, i think that the attackpoint (centre of power will come more backwards.
Is it difficult to move the fin´s area some 4-5 cm forward in front of the box.
with regards,
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Hi John 1,
I will wait for Wolfgang to answer you.
I asked the same question a year or so ago, and he actually made a
prototype Duo Weed that was set forward.
Not sure why he never produced any, but I know he does not want
the issues that the front overhang causes.
Soft (compressible foam strips) fillers can work, but the best is to
fair in the overhang to the bottom of the board with a filled epoxy,
which is not something many amateur board repair guys want to tackle.

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Hallo John! It is no problem for me to work fins forewards in boxes. My problem is:
My fins have cut out. He is the most time 4-5cm. 155mm is the box long.
155mm ,give 5cm overhang and 5cm cut out. So you have not more than 5-6cm at
the base of the fin. Thats to small. So I have to work wider outlines. I worked one
in 24cm and one in 28cm . 4cm overhang. They are Duo Weedfins with cut out.
They work very good. But not enough time to work a bigger. 32 and 36cm. But it is in my head.The difference of the point of attacke between upright and weedfins is 9-10cm
4-5cm in front, the difference is shorter.5-6cm. That what I made was:
I worked the outline so how the outline of the Chamäleons ,but I gave more area to the
base, so is the point of attacke good one cm more in front, but with the same overhang.
Sorry, that I forgot to read earlier. Wolfgang
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