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Default Max sailsize for Kode 86

I have just ordered a K86 2010. I planned to use the K86 with my ICON5.3 and upwards. The question is, how far up can I go in sail size? What is the size of the sail when I no longer gain any early planning performance? I want my biggest sail size to be comfortable with the board as the K86 will be my light wind board. I weigh 75 kg and will use the board both in small waves and bump n jump. My options right now are ICON5.9 or NP FireFly 6.1.

Anybody with recc. or experience?
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Up to 6.2m sails.
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Old 29th November 2009, 01:03 AM   #3
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6.2....By own experience? What type of sail? What do you weigh?
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I've sailed a Kode 86 with a 6.4m2 sail. I weigh ~80kg. The board has the width to support such a sail but you need a larger fin to drive it. I looses a bit of maneuverability but it seems to keep its speed. I did not notice a sizable change in planing performance. Hope this helps.
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I have the 2008 Acid 86 which I am told is very similar to the Kode in this size. I use a 6m freeride sail with a 26.5 cm select wave fin, this combo works fine, but the board does work better with smaller sail sizes I think. This is a fantastic board and just so easy to ride and gybe : )
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Default CAM sail?

What about CAM sails? For instance would 6.0 GTX or S Type work well on Kode 86?

S Type

GTS race:

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I've tried Kombat86 with a lot of sails (I'm 85kg), should be very similar to Kode. Going over 6.0 will gain nothing but clumsier handling. Maybe for light people it's a bit different but I doubt it.
Stay away from freerace cammed sails, tried that also, not a very good match.
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