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Old 26th March 2010, 01:15 PM   #11
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You have pretty much now answered the question !
A challenge ? Yes it will certainly be that.
Its too close in volume and sail range to be a "2nd" board.
The Hyper has a broader range of attributes.
You talk about 13 knots and 100 kgs, which brings me neatly to the final solution.
Buy it, love it and then flog the Carve (if you really only want ONE board).
I imagine the Carve will be easier to sell.
The ultimate solution though, is find an old Free Formula or possibly an early Formula and a 10.0 or 10.5 no cam sail.
You will double your (happy) planing days.
Good luck.
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John Kemsley
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Hmmm not sure there, I had a 111 it was ok, but at my weight 95kg I found the 133 much better.

It was an awesome board when planing, though there was no acceleration just slow then "shit this is scary" - it also went thru lulls really well. When not on the plane it was an absolute pig - slogging on one is not a comfortable experience.

I loved mine, but it was only when i moved on to a more "normal" shape that I realised how technical it had been to sail.

It went upwind like stonk, was really quick, could take a 9.4 lightning down to a 6.0. It fits in any vehicle (short as). Short fins means shallower water that other boards.

My advice see if you can have a demo, its like marmite - you will love it or hate it.
GO165, SP128, Vector106. Redline 8.2 & 7, Sprint 6. NP 5.4 & 4.7
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Old 27th March 2010, 05:45 AM   #13
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thanks guys... food for thought indeed. The bidding ends tonight... i will let you know what happens... John kemsley you may have saved my $. I may hang out for a 125 or 133 or just be happy with the Carve and look for a much bigger light wind board.

the hYper just looks so evil though, I want it it with an unearthly desire which shall not speak its name...
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Old 27th March 2010, 07:26 AM   #14
mark h
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Can't help but chip in here I had a D-ram 125 for 18-months then got a Wood 105 and had that for 18-months as well. I loved them both. The HS was one of my all time favourits (Sonic 100 is my all time favourit).

Very smooth in open sea's kinda felt like a cushion soft ride over chop, took a 6m up to 9m, I was on Gaastra Nitro's then and found the 10.4m a bit to big on a HS, I'm 105kg/194cm. Lighter sailors might be OK with XXL sails.

Truthfully speeking, the HS125 did not get going any earlier than the HS105, but it was a lot more comfy to slog on with bigger sails if the wind disappeared.

I very nearly changed the HS105 wood for a newer HS111 wood, but after trying one, I much prefered the original HS105. It felt more direct, it was definetly faster (according to my GPS). Once took the HS105 to 37k peak with the standard 3cm fin, one of the Dutchie's had 41k peak, so its no slouch.

The HS111 had more rocker in the nose, this was to stop the nose catching chop (I never had a problem with the catching chop though). It also had a lot of kick in tail section to improve gybing. I think the changes on the newer HS was to try to make it more accessible to the masses. The original HS was king in my books.

I eventually changed the HS to a Sonic 110, and like John K say's, when you jump onto a normal slalom board you realise just how technical/high imput the HS was to get going compaired to normal slalom kit. Once going, its not at all technical, possibly easier than traditional shapes as it was very forgiving at speed. It went upwind/down wind almost like a mini formula. One thing for sure is, if you can dial a HS, it will imrove you technic and make other slalom boards feel easy

If you can get the original HS105/125, I'd be looking at that and save a few .
Cheers - Mark H

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North Warps: F2012/F2013 5.2m, 5.7m, 6.3m, 7m, 7.8m, 8.6m, 9.6m, F2006 11m.
F-Hot fins (slalom). Tectonic Nomads (speed)

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Old 27th March 2010, 11:13 AM   #15
Dream Team - School Guru
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Hi Kiwiben,
I think what you will find most interesting (and perhaps frustrating) is that on the Hypersonics, you need to learn to manage your fore and aft positioning much more carefully than on your Carve or any board that's longer and has a bit longer volume distribution.
I'm sure you can sail the Hyper 111 in windspeeds that you probably cannot waterstart in, once you learn the very delicate fore and aft weight positioning.
Move forward one inch and the nose sinks.... quickly! Move back an extra inch, and the tail begins to sink (also pretty rapidly).
Side to side (athwartships) weight distribution is not nearly so critical on the Hypersonics as it was on longer narrower slalom and race boards from the early and mid 1990's.
Since I'm a "guru" (someone else's term, not mine) and I have worked with Starboard in the USA and around the world since 1998, I get a few boards each year to put in a demo fleet and take around the USA for local sailors to try out.
Back in the day, I absolutely loved the Hypersonics, and since I was a little lighter in weight then (2004) I was given all 3 for the demo fleet. I did not own them, they belonged to the distributor, and were returned in near new condition at the end of the year.
I did keep the Hyper 96 and still have it as it's a classic board and it's still one of my favorites when the conditons are right for it.
Go for it, you will either fall in love with the Hyper 111, or you will learn to dislike it very quickly.
Yes, once you are up and sailing, all 3 boards ride pretty much the same, but the ability to uphaul big sails extends the range into the lighter wind arena.
Hope this helps,
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Old 27th March 2010, 01:40 PM   #16
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111 liter, your weight 100 kg. Board 8kg. Rigg and other things 15kg. That are 123kg
on a 111liter board. Wolfgang
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Old 28th March 2010, 06:55 AM   #17
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HS 111 with fully cambered race sail in larger size, rider 70 kg dry still floats at rest but not that much freeboard and fore aft trim is critical when things are slow.

Can confirm it's acceleration so you have to be quick to get into the straps. Have tried all combination of strap positions and settled on back and out as actually the quickest way to get into when stepping back as the board accelerates away and comfortable for blasting.

Each run is like a sprint rather than a cruise so a good work out assured. Responds to efficient gybing technique but still can be stuffed through turns on its tail if need be. By efficient I mean right weight positions and transfers and well coordinated sail movements.

After a while the short nose seems normal - mast track trim appears sensitive to unsticking the board and higher wind control. Is most intuitive when using full cambered sails v freerace sails where the positioning is more sail brand dependent. So there you have a critical consideration - it likes cambered sails but will tolerate other kinds too.

Great board if you want to invest the time. Downside is having done that there is nothing out there as a direct replacement although something like the iSonic 101 seems the best.

Would I buy a HS again. Definitely, but second time around it would be sub 100 litre .
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Old 28th March 2010, 10:30 AM   #18
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You guys are awesome... thanks for the tips. As it happend i got drunk and missed the auction... and it got passed in. hopefully it will reapperaer for a cheaper reserve and I will have a very happy ending. I want it, oh god i want it!
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Red face

why one would want to have sex with a hermaphrodite is beyond many, or most ( not anyones) guess , but yes find a different example LOL....

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Deja Vu
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Originally Posted by kiwiben View Post
You guys are awesome... thanks for the tips. As it happend i got drunk and missed the auction... and it got passed in. hopefully it will reapperaer for a cheaper reserve and I will have a very happy ending. I want it, oh god i want it!
You really need to try this board first. Personally, the Hypersonic didn't work for me.
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