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Question Fin question for 170L Go

Being bored by long winter I started thinking about increasing the number of sailing days when it gets warmer. I overheard one guy saying that he doubled his days on the water by adding an 11m sail to his quiver. My biggest and most used sail is 9.5m which I like and I have no problem waterstarting it if I have to. I use it on my Fanatic Shark 145l board with 50cm fin. I am thinking about dusting off my 2006 Starboard Go 170l board and adding an 11m sail and a 70cm fin to it for those not so moderate wind days. Though my Go is 90cm wide (62cm tail) it is not quite a formula board. I am 190lb.
My Q is: is it worth trying? Any thoughts re sail and fin sizes?
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Hi Sl55,

I've asked around a lot about light wind performance kit as I too want to maximize my time on the water. From what I've understood, in order to plane early, and therefore make light winds more enjoyable, you'll need the following:

- A sail 11m2 or bigger
- A board 85cm or wider
- A fin that's over 60cm

Theoretically, therefore, your kit should work great for light winds. However, I'd wait to hear from the starboard team as I'm far from being an expert and your Go may be too heavy to really take advantage of light winds.

Hope this is a start.
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Hi sl55,
I've sailed the GO 170 with a 70 cm fin, and it works pretty well.
Depending on your weight and the sail size, 70 cm may be a little too much.
I weighed about 160 lbs. (72.5 Kg.) and for me a 66 cm actuall worked better.
You must also consider changing fins to maintain control and get better top speed.
A 70 cm formula type race fin will fit in the GO 170 nicely, and you will get the absolute best early planing (for whatever sail size you choose) with the 70 cm in < 10 knots.
At around 12 knots..maybe 14 knots, with the narrower tail on the Go 170, you need to think about changing to a smaller fin.
Too much fin will ultimately result in "tailwalking" at some speed. Once you find that speed (based on your experience on your board; with your rig and fin) you will know when you need to change down to a smaller fin and probably a smaller rig.
If you have the water depth, a big 70 cm fin is key to getting planing as early as possible.
Also a grunty free race type sail with lots of draft (or that can be rigged with lots of draft) is the other key.
Hope this helps,
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Thanks Roger,
you answered all my questions nicely :-)
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I sail same Fanatic Shark 165L,with MK3 9,5m,and I am 97kg,and really concider small board,I think 170 is allready big.9.5m will go perfectly with board 130,your wight.
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